Monday, August 31, 2009

Gimp Girl

I'm so sore today! It's the day after my workout with Kim Lyons, and I'm walking like an 87-year-old woman with arthritis. My glutes protest every step, my chest feels like it's being pulled apart with every deep breath, my abs scream when I stand up, and my back disagrees with any movement in my arms.

And I love it! I love every second of the pain! Every second of the muscle soreness and tension. Why? It sounds crazy, I know. But to me, it means I pushed my body past its natural limits and worked hard. I don't believe that every workout should be that intense, as I'd get injured somehow. I do believe, however, that an intense workout several times a week is better than traditional lifting and cardio all the time. The workout wasn't even that long - under an hour. But in that timeframe, I worked harder than I've worked in weeks. Not only did I have Kim pushing me, I was doing different exercises than I normally do.

I'm definitely feeling the effects of the hard work today! Every time I get out of my chair and limp out of my office, I'm reminded of the workout and the areas I need to focus on this season. I'm so excited to start trying some different workouts soon! When I get out to Maryland, I'll be training with my boyfriend, Jerry, and he's all excited about some new exercises for me to try. I'm ready to bring my best conditioning to the stage next year! But first I need to stop limping around!

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