Tuesday, September 1, 2009


When I started this blog, it was with the intention of being real and open. So in that spirit ... I have a confession to make. Yesterday I ate some Girl Scout cookies.

So why is that a big deal? Well, normally, it wouldn't be an issue. But I'm trying to do a keto diet (high protein, high fat, zero carb) to drop some water weight, and cookies are most definitely NOT on the diet! I told myself I wouldn't be eating carbs or sugar. I have a diet planned out, and I stick to it ... for the most part. But not sticking to it completely is not the way to do the diet. It won't work if I don't stick to it 100%. So by eating the cookies, I not only disappointed myself, I messed up the diet and set myself back a couple days.

It may sound like I'm being unnecessarily hard on myself, considering I'm not in contest prep. During contest prep, there's no way I would've touched those cookies. I would've looked at them, imagined how they tasted, and then walked away because eating them just isn't an option. But now that I'm not in contest prep, they ARE an option. And even though I have a goal of shedding a couple pounds by next Saturday, the cookies were still an option in my mind. I feel weak, like I let myself down. Because I know I can resist them ... I just decided not to.

Eating a clean diet off-season is a daily struggle. Putting my body into ketosis isn't fun, and it isn't easy. Honestly, it's miserable. I get hungry, I get cravings, I lose energy, I get crabby. And then after 3 days, I feel great. So why are those 3 days so difficult? After all, it's only 3 days out of a lifetime of days. But during those 3 days, I'm hating life and struggling with my thoughts and cravings.

The next few weeks are going to be difficult as I have a couple going-away lunches and then I'll be on the road. I'll keep to a clean diet for the most part, but won't be doing the keto diet. I'll just have to train extra hard, be patient with myself, and remember that I know how to drop the weight when I'm ready to get serious about my diet.

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