Friday, September 18, 2009

Keto and Road Trips

Whew! It's been a wild couple weeks! I made the long trip cross-country from Montana to Maryland in a 17' U-Haul with my car on a trailer, my two kitties, and my boyfriend. We took a couple days to drive to Minnesota, then spent the weekend there with my family. I was in a wedding on Saturday - maid of honor for one of my good friends. We hit the road again on Monday morning and got into town mid-day on Wednesday.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm all settled in now. I have to smile because the truth is, most of my belongings are in a storage shed. I need to dig through plastic bags and bins just to find a pair of socks, and even my toothpaste is in a box somewhere. In the midst of all this moving chaos, I decided to go back on the Keto diet.

Yep, I've been Keto for the past 2 weeks. I started Monday, Sept 7, and have stuck to it even while packing, driving, unpacking, working, and getting hit with a bad cold/sinus infection. I have to say, I'm proud of myself!

Keto is surprisingly easy to stick to while on the road! I brought a bunch of turkey, pecans, and walnuts (my favorite) in the truck with me, and stocked up on Power Crunch bars by BNRG (low carb and taste GREAT!!!). We also picked up some jerky, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds at gas stations along the way. When we stopped at restaurants to eat, I ordered burgers without the bun or fries, salads with chicken, omelets, and chicken with veggies. I didn't worry about butter, bacon, oil, or other fats, as the whole point of Keto is high fat, high protein.

I took two days off the diet and ate some carbs. I didn't go overboard, though, and the majority of my meals those two days were still keto. I had some wedding cake and mashed potatoes on Saturday, and pizza on Sunday (YUM!!). I was back on Keto on Monday, and have been strict all week. I craved carbs earlier this week, and am proud of myself for not giving in.

It's really a rush to think about how focused and dedicated I've been these past two weeks! When I'm dieting for a show, it's really no big deal to stick to the diet; all other foods aren't even an option. But I really struggle in the off-season, and have a hard time staying strict with a diet.

Although I fully understand that competing is an individual decision and commitment, I'm realizing just how helpful a support system is! I was under the impression that I shouldn't need anyone else's support or help to stay focused and committed, since it was my decision to live that lifestyle. I disagree with that philosophy now. Having others encourage and support me has been so beneficial to me! I have to keep telling myself that I'm not weak for wanting and needing that support to stay strong. It's a mental battle I fight with myself, since I was so conditioned to believe that I shouldn't need anyone else. Spending so much time with my boyfriend has been very helpful too, as he's also dieting. We remind each other to stay on our diets, and discourage giving in to any cravings. What a change for me! I was used to people cheering when I ate a cookie or slipped up on my diet, which is really sad. I know they cheered because it helped them feel better about themselves when they realized I'm not perfect, but it certainly didn't help me work toward my goal!

While on the road trip, we had planned to stop at a couple gyms along the way; however, we didn't anticipate on a U-Haul that struggled with hills and slowed to 40 mph. We also didn't plan on both of us getting sick either. Sometimes it's a good idea to train when you're not feeling 100%, but it's a fine line. Sometimes it's better to take days off and rest. If I don't feel the workout would be tough enough to be worth it, I take the day off and rest, then hit it hard the next day.

We trained at Gold's a couple times while in Minnesota, and had some good workouts! Now that we're finally in Maryland, we trained today, and will train again tomorrow. It feels good to be back in the gym again!

While I'm frustrated that I didn't lose any weight while being keto the past two weeks, I also realize that my body is so used to intensive training, that when I remove that from the equation, it doesn't respond as quickly. So by staying on my diet, I maintained my weight without gaining any pounds or retaining much water.

Moral of the story ... the Keto diet CAN work during road trips! I'm looking forward to seeing some results now that I'm back in the gym and strictly Keto!

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