Saturday, September 5, 2009

Next Size Up

I had a rude awakening yesterday morning.Not in the sense of waking up, but moreso in the realization of how much weight I've gained. I hadn't picked my clothes out the night before, like I usually do, so I was standing in my closet trying to put together an outfit. I found the pants I wanted to wear, which turned out to be my largest pair of capris. Which means I now officially fit into my larger-size clothes perfectly ... warning #1.

I tried on 4 shirts before I found one that fit ... warning #2. I've now officially outgrown all my smaller t-shirts. This is a depressing realization, not only because I don't have many larger-size clothes, but because it means I've let go of my self-control so much that I'm now wearing clothes two sizes bigger than I was only 2 months ago. Sigh.

I'm not back on a strict diet at this point; I'm just going to be more careful about what I eat. I had some M&M's this morning, but I won't be over-indulging anymore.

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