Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend posted a thread about an 8-week transformation that he and I are doing. I had no idea I was in the middle of a "transformation"! These past 5 weeks that I've been on my keto diet was just a way for me to lose some water weight and get to a leaner starting point for contest prep, not a "transformation."

Transformation implies that I have things I need to transform. It was a bit of a rude awakening to realize and finally recognize that I DO need to transform. I haven't been happy with my physique these past 4 months, and after some serious struggles, I've finally buckled down and screwed my head on straight. During this process, it never once occurred to me that I was "transforming," but I guess I was. A Transformation is merely putting a name to the process I'm following. Now that it's been defined, I guess I should put a bit more structure in place.

I'll be posting some training and diet highlights, along with progress pictures. Yes - Before, During, and After pictures, which is really scary! I've always taken progress pics during contest prep, but the early pics are never shown to anyone but my trainer. I can't believe I'm posting my Before pictures here! However scary this is for me, I feel it's not only necessary, but will be helpful for others.

A transformation is a very real process done by real people, not just celebrities or pro athletes. It can be done while holding a full-time job and balancing a family and other responsibilities. It's challenging - absolutely! It requires a complete lifestyle change for some ... a lifestyle that sometimes goes against the norm. It requires intense discipline and focus, and it's difficult!

I don't drink and I don't eat carbs. I get up early to do cardio before work, I'm at the gym up to 3 times a day, and I'm in bed before the evening news is on. And I love my life! The rewards more than make up for the sacrifices. When I'm standing on stage being judged, I know I did everything I could to transform my physique into the muscular, lean sculpture I'm presenting. I know that every sacrifice, every cardio session, every meal, every training session, every rejected M&M was worth it.

So today is the middle of Week 5 of my keto diet. I'm not struggling with carb cravings this week; instead, I'm just very hungry. We added cardio this week, so I'm expending even more calories than last week.

Here is this week's schedule:

Mon - 30 min AM Cardio, Train Back/Bi's, 20 min PM Cardio
Tues - Train Chest
Wed - 30 min AM Cardio, Train Shoulders/Calves, 30 min PM Cardio
Thurs - 30 min AM Cardio, Train Tri's?
Fri - 30 min AM Cardio, Train Legs?, 30 min PM Cardio (if I can move after training legs!)

These pictures were taken Monday, Oct 5 after AM cardio (when I look my leanest, of course!).

 As a comparison, here are some pictures that were taken the day of Jr Nationals on June 19, 2009.

While I don't expect to maintain this conditioning year-round, it's a goal to look even better than this in 2010. These pictures represent my best conditioning ever, and they're the standard I'm using as I prepare for competition next year.

It's clear I have quite the transformation ahead of me. I'm excited about it, and looking forward to measuring my progress. Here's to transforming!

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