Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm two weeks into prep for the Arnold Amateur ... two weeks of zero carbs for every meal except one. Tomorrow I get a carb meal, and I'm so excited to eat sushi! It's been two weeks since Jerry and I have had our all-you-can-eat Asahi sushi, and we're both really looking forward to it. Me especially, since I haven't had any carbs for a week.

We took progress pictures this morning, and there are some noticeable differences in my physique already. I'm excited to weigh myself tonight at the gym. I weighed myself on Wednesday evening, and was down 5 lbs since I started prep. Hopefully I'll be down another pound. My clothes are already starting to fit differently, which is exciting! I love the feeling of being lean!

Here are the pics we took this morning. I'm too embarrassed to post the back picture, so here are the front and model poses.

It's exciting to see progress, and to know that my hard work is starting to pay off!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Contest Time!

It's that time again ... time to diet, time to train even harder, time to get lean, time to COMPETE!

I started prep today for the Arnold Amateur. I'm taking a huge leap and am prepping for another big show. This one gets more publicity than any other show I've done, and to be honest, I'm scared! I'm scared I'm going to fail. That I'll have told everyone I know, have gotten them all excited, and then I won't do well, and I'll fail.

What is failing? Is it being off on my condition? Is it not placing well, or not placing at all? Is it not doing everything I possibly can to prepare? It's perhaps all of those things. I have control over how well I prep and how well I'm conditioned. I don't have control over the placings, so I need to let that one go. To hope that the judges will like my physique enough to award me a high placing.

I'm excited to be in contest prep again. Even though it's the most stressful thing I can do to myself and to those close to me, it's like a drug to me. For the next 14 weeks, every time I close my eyes, I'll see myself standing on stage, going through my quarter turns, doing my model poses, dancing around trying to get my tan to dry. I'll picture every part of prep, from the hours of cardio and training to eating cold food because I couldn't find a microwave. I'll be eating during meetings at work, carrying my food with me at all times in a cooler, reading numerous books while doing hours of cardio, searching for a new flashy suit that won't break my bank account, crying during squats (yes, it's ok to cry in the gym), and arguing with my boyfriend about my diet (I'm realistic - I'll whine and argue, and then end up doing exactly what he tells me to do).

I'm looking forward to this prep more than any I've done. Why? Because I'll have my trainer with me the whole way ... training with me, eating with me, talking with me, and letting me cry on his shoulder (I'm pretty sure my boy has no idea what he's in for!). Day 1 of prep is nearly over ... only 92 more days to go!