Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bringing It

It's Saturday night and by all rights, I should be watching Avatar 3D right now. But the East Coast got hit by a snowstorm today, and we didn't make it the theatre. So I'm sitting home surfing the Net before jumping on the treadmill for some cardio.

That's right. I'm gearing up to do cardio at 10 pm on Sat night. Who DOES that?! Well, me apparently. Today is the first day of double cardio sessions, and this was my last week of a Treat Meal and a complete Off Day. I need a moment to mourn. Ok, I'm finished mourning, and I'm ready to work my butt off the next 4 weeks. I have a show to win!

We took progress pics this morning after my first cardio session. We're going to start taking them in the boxing room at the gym now because we discovered that the lighting there is much more comparable to the stage than the lighting is in my bedroom (where we were taking the pics before). So I put my suit on in the locker room, had a quick conversation with some curious ladies who were passing through, and then ran through my quarter turns. The pics are still on my camera, so I'll upload and post them tomorrow.

I had my final Treat Meal today. It took us an hour, but we made it to our favorite sushi place. I'm not sure if I get any treats next weekend, but I'm not planning on it. So if, by some chance, I do get some treats, it'll be a wonderful surprise!

I start a new job on Monday ... one that's only 10 min from my house and 2 min from the gym. I couldn't have asked for anything better! So I'll be switching my longer cardio sessions to the morning, and then only a shorter one in the evenings. I've been very frustrated with my lack of energy and difficulty with asthma during evening cardio. I'm hoping the morning will be much easier on my body. I seem to have more energy in the mornings, so I can really push hard through cardio.

Only 5 weeks to go ... 4 weeks of hard, intense, focused training, and the final week to recover and tweak my training, if necessary. My head is on straight, I'm focused, I'm determined, and I'm willing to put my body and mind through pure hell to get through these next 4 weeks. BRING IT ON!!

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