Thursday, February 25, 2010

Final Week Scheduling Fun

Exactly a week from today, I'll be standing on the Arnold stage ... ... I'm ready.

My body is tightening up everywhere, my mind is 100% focused, and I'm in the final planning stages of all the pre-contest appointments I need in order to shine my brightest on stage. The last week before the show is always exciting. It's the final push to the finish line. Workouts change slightly, diet may change depending on conditioning, and the whirlwind of scheduling begins.

What exactly do I mean by "scheduling"? Since part of Figure is poise and presentation, competitors need to be groomed before walking on stage. Hair, nails, tan, suit, and shoes all need to be in top condition. I haven't quite finished scheduling all my appointments, but here's the schedule so far ...

Saturday - Massage. SO looking forward to this!
              - Wash suits, repair any crystals
Sunday - Hair appointment. I'm getting my hair highlighted for the very first time EVER. SO excited!
            - Tan
Monday - Probably nails. I'm getting a full set of acrylics and French tips on my toenails. Haven't scheduled this yet.
             - Tan
Tuesday - Brow wax
              - Other waxing. I have an at-home kit, so I do my own waxing except for my brows.

We head out on Wednesday, so I'll probably shower and finish shaving when we get to the hotel. Then I think we may apply a couple coats of the tan. That's still up for debate yet, as the pre-judging isn't until Thursday evening. We may wait until Thursday morning to apply the tan.

I'm also working on lining up definitive times for some photoshoots while I'm there. I like to do shoots at shows since I'm already in optimal shape at that point.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work, but I'm still being productive. I just have to keep giving myself pep talks and short deadlines. LOL I finally got to bed earlier than usual last night, and slept in a bit, so I feel more rested today, and more energetic as a result (well, as energetic as I can feel the week before a show LOL). It's amazing what a difference some sleep makes! My body was so tired yesterday, I just struggled through morning cardio and was dragging the whole day. At least today I don't have to give myself pep talks just to get out of my chair to head to the restroom.

I better shift my focus back to work. I have a couple things I need to do before I meet Jerry at the gym. I'm training a bit earlier than usual today because he has clients during my normal training time, and I really need him by my side during my workout. I can motivate myself just fine, but he gives me that little extra push that just might give me an edge over my competitors. Any little bit helps!

Everything is coming together exactly as planned. ONE MORE WEEK!!! :)

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