Friday, February 19, 2010

Normal Couple

As the date for the Arnold looms closer and closer (TWO weeks!!), I find myself almost completely consumed with thoughts about training, diet, photoshoots, the stage, posing, and my fellow competitors. I struggle to concentrate at work, and it seems like competing is all Jerry and I ever talk about anymore.

While it's nice to have someone I can talk to about this who understands and can hold up his end of the conversation, I also realize that Jerry and I also need to put the show aside sometimes and really focus on our relationship.

Last night I finished early at the gym, so we went back to my house and actually got to hang out together for awhile. It wasn't just him watching TV or surfing the web while I ran around packing and unpacking clothes for the next day, measuring my food, and gathering my vitamins together. I mean we actually sat down and talked with each other. We didn't talk much about the show; we focused more on how each other's day was and just other inane things he and I discuss. And it was SO nice to take a break for the rush hour that seems to be our lives.

Last weekend we went shopping for part of Saturday and most of Sunday. Even though we were shopping for photoshoot clothes for me, it was still nice to be doing some Normal. I couldn't remember the last time he and I went shopping together! We went into fun stores, we tried on clothes, and held hands while strolling through the mall, just like any other Normal couple. Ok, so we had to swing into GNC to get me an energy drink at one point because my legs stopped functioning, but once I drank half of it, I was ready to go again. LOL We considered running out to the car when it was our mealtime, but decided we didn't have enough time, so we pushed the mealtimes back a bit, and it ended up working out ok. AND I discovered that my focus is spot on because nothing in the Food Court tempted me at all. :)

I'm so happy I can talk to him about anything and everything, especially training and dieting. And I'm also happy he and I can be a Normal couple and just enjoy our time together, doing nothing.

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