Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmaggedon and Pizza

Snow, snow, and more SNOW!! That's all anyone is talking about here. If it's not snow, it's how bad the roads are, whose shovel got stolen (yes, apparently there ARE people THAT mean in this area), and which business are open or closed.

The DC area got smacked with a snowstorm this past weekend. Businesses were closed and people were snowed in all weekend. It's Tuesday, and some people are STILL snowed in because their streets haven't been plowed yet. Most roads are actually clear (for the most part) today, although lanes are reduced and people are still driving like morons. I've never seen so many idiotic drivers in one place in my entire life, and that's including the obliviously slow drivers in Montana. But to their credit, people here aren't used to driving in snow, and I understand how more than an inch of snow could be traumatizing.

With the huge snow disruption, the gym has been closed off and on. I'm only about 3 weeks out from the Arnold, and every single workout and cardio session count. So how have I been dealing with this situation? Luckily, my boyfriend has a treadmill at his house! I never thought I'd be so happy to have access to a treadmill in my life! Ha I haven't missed one workout or cardio session yet. I even got some extra cardio and back work in by shoveling out my car on Sunday. I woke up yesterday morning feeling very sorry for myself. My back was really sore, and I'd forgotten that I shoveled heavy snow, so the first thoughts that ran through my head were, "Ugh, I hurt all over and I didn't even do anything yesterday!" It took my boyfriend reminding me that I'd spend a half hour hurling heavy shovelfuls of snow over my shoulder the previous day.

I had a bunch of junk food on Saturday. It was so good!! I was nervous about it, considering how close to the Arnold I am, but my boy said to go ahead. And since I trust my trainer implicitly, I let loose. Pizza, cookies, and Whoppers totally made my day! The funny thing is, even his maple sugar flavored oatmeal was a treat for me! Normally, on my Treat Days, I have a bunch of sushi. We know how my body reacts to that. What we didn't realize was that my body would react differently to the pizza. Yesterday I was drier and harder than I normally am after a junk day. I'd only gained a pound of water, and most of the retention was nearly gone by yesterday evening. So that means pizza seems to work better for my body than sushi. Huh?! Hey, I'm not complaining! It's different for everyone.

I was very hard and dry on Saturday morning after cardio. Since we couldn't get to the gym, we had to make do with the lighting for pictures. I know they're not the best, and not a true comparison to last week, but at least they're something.

I can see changes in my body every day, which is very exciting. I've been practicing posing a couple nights a week after training and cardio, and we've had a couple middle-of-the-gym strip-downs in the middle of a workout cuz we were in a spot with good lighting. Posing in the middle of the gym is a whole new, scary experience for me! In Montana, I was among like 2 other competitors, so people would always throw my odd looks when I'd practice posing in the gym. I learned to just practice in the locker room, and still got some weird looks, but oh well. At my gym here, there are so many competitors that no one even gives me a second glance when I'm posing. Jerry directs my poses and adjusts my arms or legs, and points out areas that have changed in the past couple days.

I tried a new pre-workout stimulant yesterday, and holy cow - I had the best workout I've had in a long time! The supplement is Jack3d by USP Labs. I took it 45 min before training and ate a quick meal before hitting the weights. I didn't fatigue as quickly, I had energy, and I was in a good mood, all of which have been issues for me lately. I actually felt guilty for feeling so good! It was a strange feeling to be energetic and bubbly in the gym again. The dosing is 1-3 scoops, but I only took 1/2 scoop to see how my body would handle it. Seems like it was about the right amount. The energy lasted for about 4 hours, and then I got really sleepy after that. Partly because the supp wore off, and partly because it was about 8:30 pm, and that's when I usually start getting tired anyway.

I had a couple moments in Target where my mind just sort of blanked out and I had difficulty focusing on what I was looking at or thinking about. The vacant feeling wasn't due to the Jack3d, but was indicative of how I'd normally be feeling without any stimulants. Jerry literally had to take me by the hand and walk me to the register to pay for our items. I perked up a bit when we got home, but was so happy to go to sleep.

Well, that about updates my life for the past couple days. We're supposed to get slapped with another big snowstorm this afternoon through tomorrow, so I'm gonna try to get to the gym early today to get my workout in. I can do cardio on Jerry's treadmill later tonight if I don't get it in this afternoon. Only 3 more weeks left!!!

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