Monday, March 8, 2010

4th Place at the Arnold!!!

What a trip!!

I'm back from the Arnold, and can't seem to focus on much today. I keep flipping to different websites to read people's experiences from this weekend. The one word that sums it all up is "WOW."

I achieved my goal of placing in the Top 5 in my class ... in fact, I did better than my goal. I placed 4th!! :) Yesterday my good friend Melanie asked me which was better: winning the Overall at the Contra Costa in 2008 or placing 4th at the Arnold. Even though I won a sword and can say that I've actually won an entire show, I think this accomplishment is even bigger. The Arnold is an international show, and I competed against Pros from all over the world. Because they're not considered Pros in America, they can compete in the amateur division here. So that means I beat some of the best in the world!

The entire show was stacked with hard, streamlined physiques. This show was the best of the best amateurs, and I feel privileged to have been able to stand on the Arnold stage.

When we were lined up backstage, just moments before stepping on stage, a couple of the girls started getting really nervous. But for some reason, I wasn't nervous. I was just excited! The thrill of walking across the stage knowing that I brought my best conditioning to the show had my face lit up with a huge smile. I knew my friends were in the audience cheering for me, I could hear the click of cameras, and I knew all focus for that short amount of time was on just me standing there in the middle of the stage. What a rush!

After I did my model turns and took my place along the side of the stage, I searched for Jerry in the crowd, but didn't see him. I did hear his voice call out, "Tatten, twist more!" and I smiled brighter and twisted my body more toward the judges. When all girls completed their model turns, there was a moment of silence as the judges decided which girls to call out first. Each call-out is to compare the girls to determine placings. The sooner you're called out, the better you placed. When I heard my name in the first call-out, I was so relieved! I took my place in the center of the stage, and we went through quarter turns as a group while the judges ranked us in order.

After the quarter turns, we were led off stage to wait for the rest of the call-outs for the remainder of the girls. When the call-outs were completed, they told us which of us had made the Top Ten and would return for Finals on Saturday morning. Again, I was so happy when my number got called! The Top Ten returned to the stage to run through another round of quarter turns, and then we walked off-stage. Judging was completed!

What was interesting was that there were no switching of places for additional comparisons. Apparently, these judges knew what they were looking for, and saw no need to move girls around for further comparison.

After pre-judging, we were told that we would be judged again on Saturday morning, so it was recommended that we stick to our diet or risk placing lower on Saturday. Most shows are only a day. Pre-judging is in the morning, and Finals are in the evening. Some National shows span 2 days, with pre-judging on one day and Finals the following day. This show was unique in that pre-judging was 2 days before Finals. TWO DAYS!! That meant we needed to maintain our conditioning for 36 hours! Eegads!

I did it, though! I came in even tighter conditioning on Saturday morning, and walked away with a 4th place trophy! :)

Over the next couple days, I'll write more about my experience and post some pictures. It truly was a phenomenal weekend all around, and I'm so thankful for all my friends and family who supported, encouraged, and motivated me along the way. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. Congratulations!!! You looked incredible!!! WOW!!! So glad i got to follow your journey to the Arnold stage :) Amazing girl!!!! :)