Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm sitting here munching on a white chocolate structure of the White House. Yes, I'm eating chocolate. :) Today is my Treat Day!! Which means this morning I had cookies and some little Reese's chocolate Easter eggs before eating 2 piled high plates of sushi. I've sort of been eating non-stop all day. My body hates me right now, but my tastebuds are happy.

I even told myself that I wasn't going to go overboard today ... and then I proceeded to eat several Girl Scout cookies, more Reese's, and some cereal. Just because I can.

Tomorrow I'm back on my diet. I figure I'll be about 3 lbs heavier and feel kinda crappy. But I'll do morning cardio and feel a little better after that. The weather here is wonderful, so maybe Jerry and I will take a walk around the neighborhood later on. Or maybe take the dogs to the park. I have to train legs tomorrow too, so we'll hit up the gym in the afternoon. The place closes at 4 pm on Sundays, which is highly inconvenient, but we love it there, so we deal with it.

We made a lot of progress in the house today. We've been weaving around boxes and walking through a little pathway this past week, but now it's finally starting to look like a house!

I think we're gonna go out to dinner tonight, maybe enjoy a good meal at a nice restaurant. That means I better stop munching on the White House soon! :)

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  1. I LOVE SUSHI. I totally don't consider it a cheat (unless youre talking the tempura kind, with cream cheese, and sweet sauses...DROOL!)
    Girl scout cookies and easter candy (particually, cadburry mini eggs and creame eggs) also should not count beause they are only seasonal. Happy dieting!!