Monday, March 15, 2010

Life after the Arnold

It's been a week since the Arnold ... hard to believe it's come and gone! Seems like just yesterday the thought to try to compete in it crossed my mind. And here we are 7 months later ...

This past weekend was really hectic! Jerry and I moved in together, so we spent all day Saturday moving boxes and furniture in the rain. Before we did that, though, we hit up the gym for some cardio. We walked in at 9 am, and the owner gave us a look and said, "I thought today was Moving Day." We smiled and said, "Gotta do cardio first, though!" Apparently, moving all day doesn't constitute the "right" kind of cardio for me, according to Jerry. Believe me, I tried to get out of it! LOL

After cardio, we took progress pics. Yes, I said progress pics. Last week, I discovered that the Arnold is a National Qualifier, which means I'm qualified to do the Jr Nationals now! That was my goal again this year, but I didn't know a good placing at the Arnold would give my the NQ. So I'd been planning on doing the Metropolitan up in NYC and the Pittsburgh again (where Jerry and I first met last year!). Now that I have my NQ, I can relax a bit and really focus on the Jr. Nats. I'm 14 weeks out as of last Friday. :)

I didn't have my suit or shoes with me, but wanted to get some pics anyway. I've managed to drop all the water weight from the show, and when these pics were taken, I was 104 lbs ... which is very close to what I weighed the day we left for the Arnold. I'm very pleased with my post-contest shape. I've never looked like this after a show before. Usually I'm about 5-10 lbs heavier at this point. My goal is to maintain my conditioning and not have to work so hard to get into shape for the Jr Nats. I hope to bring my absolute best conditioning to that show.

I had a bunch of Treats on Saturday while we were moving. YUMMY! So I'm holding some water yet today, but I was back on my diet plan yesterday and today, and feeling good. I'm off to the gym for some training and cardio!

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