Monday, March 1, 2010

The Living Dead

As the date for the Arnold creeps closer, a lot of people have been asking me how I feel. Most of time, I just say, "Oh, a little tired, but not bad." I figure they don't want me to go into a long-winded explanation of sleep deprivation, cardio burnout, and caloric depletion. The truth is, I feel a lot better now than I did a couple weeks ago. Why? Because we managed to get my metabolism revved up, so we can add food back into my diet. That's right - I said ADD food back into my diet.

Up until now, this was a completely foreign concept to me. Talk to any competitor, and they'll all tell you that at some point in their career, they've have to remove food from their diet as they got closer to the show. By the time the show rolls around, they're like the living dead - barely functioning. I know this because I've been there. What I've always done in the past was starve and overtrain myself to reach stage conditioning, at the expense of my metabolism. So after the show, when I'd eat more than, say, an ounce of walnuts, my body would hang onto it and I'd steadily gain weight. A contest diet is not maintainable long-term, so I couldn't avoid putting on weight. Talk about frustrating!

This year, the goal was to get into shape a week or two early and to just maintain, and eventually start adding food back in. Which is exactly what we did! So 3 weeks ago was my absolute low point of prep. I felt like Death, whereas now, I merely feel like dog crap. I have more mental focus and slightly more energy (although by normal comparison, it's not much at all). Don't get me wrong - I don't feel fabulous or even great. I'm not able to do my treadmill cardio anymore, as I trip over my feet and have to stop too often because of asthma issues, so I've switched my cardio to the recumbent bike, which still gets my heartrate up, but isn't as dangerous for me. LOL I still want to fall asleep at any opportunity I have to sit down (this makes my job challenging!), and when the stimulants run out, my body pretty much shuts down. All that being said, though ... I still feel better than I did even last week. Apparently Jerry DOES know what he was talking about the whole time! :) I'm glad I completely trusted him with my entire prep. I'm looking forward to being in my best condition on stage in 3 (THREE!!!!) days!

Here are a couple more training videos to finish off the circuit training day.

Part V - V-Ups

Part VI - Posing Practice

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