Friday, March 26, 2010


It's almost the weekend again ... this week flew by so quickly! Seems like just yesterday it was Tuesday, and the remainder of the week looked like a distant dream. I think the week has flown by because it's been so exciting.

Jerry and I started a new website! As some of you may know, Jerry was business partners with a couple other guys, including the famous IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Kevin Levrone. Together, they operated a website that included social networking, a forum, and some basic supplements. This past year had seen a lot of ups and downs, with some drama sprinkled in for some good fun. I'm not going to go into the details, and will just summarize by saying that partnership no longer exists, and the website was in danger of being shut down.

Not wanting to abandon a tight-knit community of good people, Jerry had the idea for another site. He and I discussed it with several others, and finally took the plunge and started something new. M3World is our new site, and it's already growing faster than we'd anticipated (or dared to hope!). It's a social networking site for bodybuilding and fitness-minded people. We're promoting a safe, clean, family-friendly environment where people can feel free to share their stories, photos, videos, contest prep plans, gossip, and knowledge.

For now, Jerry and I are sharing the responsibilities of running the site. I'm doing more of the business/administrator/marketing side of it, and he's doing more of the social networking/content side of it. Whenever I bring up topics like "business plan" or "traffic trends," his eyes glaze over and he just nods at me with a blank look on his face. And when he starts talking about a topic he wrote about how protein synthesizes in the body, my eyes glaze over, and I just nod at him with a blank look on my face. :) So it seems we've each found our niche with our new venture.

I finally feel like I'm part of something big and positive! I so want to encourage, educate, inspire, and motivate others to lead a healthy, fit life! It's my passion, and hopefully this blog and M3World will provide that vehicle for me to reach out to others and share my knowledge and experiences.

If you didn't catch that link before, it's Come check it out! I hope you'll join and find some value in the site. I'm looking forward to meeting more new people!


  1. I've checked it out a little but haven't signed up or anything yet. I may have to. However my reasons for health tend to lean towards the needs of martial arts and having a healthy body... are there other folks like that already on there? Perhaps I could be the pioneer!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog! M3World is about fitness of every kind. We want to build a community of health and fitness-minded people, and encourage anyone who plays sports, competes, works out, is thinking about working out, or is looking for some motivation and support to lead a healthy lifestyle to join. We hope to see you on the site! :)