Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Road Trip to Columbus

I'm sitting in the hotel room in Columbus, OH, thinking about standing on stage tomorrow night. We left Maryland early this morning and arrived in Columbus early afternoon. I haven't done any physical activity today, yet I feel really tired and drained. We didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm sure that contributed partly to my exhaustion today. There's more to it, though ... my body is getting ready to peak.

What does it mean when a competitor "peaks"? It's that tight, dry conditioning achieved only for a short amount of time. Muscles push against the skin leaving no indication of fat or water. If you're lucky, you'll peak at exactly the right time on stage. Most competitors never achieve their peak on stage, and even fewer only peak once in their life. For figure competitors, a peak is a bit different than bodybuilders. I don't need to have absolutely dry, tight skin on stage, but my muscles do need to be full and round.

As the day goes on, my skin is tightening up and the water is flushing out of my body. Jerry keeps checking my skin periodically to make sure I'm not retaining water, and we've practiced posing a bit too. We're getting ready to head downtown to check out the venue and the host hotel. It'd be great to get to meet some pros while we're here!

Later tonight, we're going to put a coat of tan on me so it has time to dry over night. Tomorrow morning we'll paint on more coats, and then head to Veteran's Memorial for my Arnold debut!!

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