Friday, March 12, 2010

Workout Videos - Part II

Join me for more workouts! As promised, here are links to more videos of my training exercises. I really enjoyed filming these, and as I watched them, I realized that taping exercises is a great way to critique my own form.

When I watched the pushups video, I realized I could have lowered myself closer to the floor to get more of a stretch through my upper chest. And during seated rows, I could've stretched forward more to get more of a stretch through my upper back. I realized I was keeping my back contracted more than I thought I was.

Think about recording yourself doing exercises, and when you watch the videos, try to do so with objectivity. Pay particular attention to your form and your muscle contractions. Watch the position of your body and how you hold the weights. Videos are great learning tools! Now I see why football teams tape themselves and watch the tapes after practice and before games!

Dumbbell Clean and Press

Lateral Raises

Seated Row

I have a couple more videos left to post, so be watching for Workout Videos - Part III coming soon!

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