Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know the secret to every competitor's success on stage ... it's CONSISTENCY. It's not some fancy training/cardio routine, it's not some complicated diet protocol, it's not the use of illegal substances, it's not some widely touted supplement ... it's just plain hard work and consistency.

Every competitor has a different plan that gets them to the stage. Different combinations of training, cardio, and diet work differently for each person, but the one thing that all winners have in common is a determination to succeed by working hard and by being consistent.

Consistency means sticking to the diet and training plan exactly. No deviations. The plan was written specifically for YOU by a trained professional, so why would you even think to question it? The diet is geared toward YOUR body's responses, so why would ask to substitute something? The entire protocol was developed for YOU to win ... to succeed ... so why wouldn't you follow it?

So many people question why their own methods aren't working, so they hire a trainer or a nutritionist or a coach. But when the professional gives them a customized plan, the person starts asking questions, trying to change it, to fit it to their current lifestyle. That's not how it works! You want to lose fat? Follow the diet! You want to get stronger? Follow the training plan! Simple as that!

But yet, for a lot of people, it's not that simple. Life gets in the way. There are parties to attend that have all kinds of yummy goodness to eat. There are luncheons at work at restaurants. There are events during the usual training time. For some people, these things can be show stoppers - reasons to not follow the diet or to train. What they really are ... are excuses.

They're excuses people give themselves for failing. They're excuses they give themselves so they don't have to take responsibility for not following the plan or making the progress they should have (or would have) made if they'd followed the plan. And then they wonder why they're not losing weight? Or getting stronger? Or getting leaner?

Consistency means holding yourself accountable and taking responsibility for your own actions. It means eating when and what you're supposed to eat. It means not skipping meals. It means not eating anything that's not on the diet plan. It means doing the exercises outlined on the training plan. It means doing the full amount and the kind of cardio at the designated times of day listed on the plan. It means not licking the spoon or the bowl after you make something that's not on your diet. It means drinking the amount of liquids you're supposed to drink each day.

In theory, this seems like such an easy, simple concept. But it's not, because life isn't consistent. That's no excuse for not making the diet and training consistent, though. The trick is making it a priority in your life. It's making your goals a priority.

So next time you find yourself about to lick some cookie batter off a spoon ... or trying to substitute almonds for olive oil ... or thinking about skipping the gym because you have a lot of homework ... or skipping a meal because you have a meeting at work ... or reaching to sample a piece of cake at a party ... think twice.

Think about your goals. Think about being consistent. Then think about being successful, and how good it feels to achieve your fitness goals.


  1. I agree 1000%...and because of me messing up is totally why im not where i should be! And i am not one to blame anyone else but myself! Its all my fault...im learning and trying ;) really i am :)

  2. You can do it, girl! It may take a couple tries, but consistency and persistence pays off! Keep up the hard work - I'm behind ya all the way!!