Monday, April 26, 2010

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown has begun ... I know this because I don't get any more Treat meals until after the show. Two weeks ago, Jerry told me no more Treats, but then we reevaluated my progress, and I got to have some treats last weekend. But not this weekend. That's how I know I'm in the final homestretch (is that redundant?) before the show. I have 3 more weeks. That's 2 more weekends of strictly diet food ... no treats ...

I'm feeling really good about my progress. I'm tightening up faster than we'd expected, and I'm hungry all the time, which means my metabolism is crankin'! Apparently, the things we changed in my training really made a huge difference.

So here I am, ready 3 weeks early. What a weird feeling for me. I've always been that girl who stood on stage overtrained and dieted to exhaustion. But not this year. I wasn't overtrained for the Arnold (was ready 2 weeks out), and I'm not overtrained now. I'm just reaching the point where I cry easily (or should I say, more easily than usual?), and moving seems like an effort.

I'm still in better shape than Jerry is, so I've been trying to be the strong one in the house. That means doing more of the chores without nagging him. LOL It also means I drive almost every time we get in the car. Last time he drove, we missed the exit cuz he was so unfocused. NOT safe behind the wheel sometimes! LOL Perhaps the simple fact that he's in worse shape than I am is keeping me in better shape mentally?? Because I know I can't just hand things over to him and make him do things for me this time; he's got enough on his plate to worry about, and I don't want to add to his stress?

Regardless, I believe this prep is the easiest prep I've ever done. Don't get me wrong - it's still not a piece of cake (mmm ... cake ...). I'm still doing 2-a-day cardio sessions, training intensely, and sticking like glue to a very boring diet. But I'm not feeling like I'm behind or overtrained, like I usually do. And I'm so thankful for that!! Maybe another reason it's seemed easier is because I've been in pseudo-prep for so long that it wasn't much of an adjustment to shift back into full blown prep.

It was time for progress pics on Saturday after morning (er, afternoon, since we slept in so late) cardio. I'm still not thrilled about my backside, but that's always my weakest point anyway. We're workin' on it!

I'm still holding a bit of water, so when that water goes, I should be just right on stage. We're working on filling out my muscles more too, especially my delts, which have a tendency to flatten out. The muscle is there, but for some reason, it likes to hide. :(

It was a thrill putting my suit on again, even just for these photos. I love the feeling of wearing it, since it reminds me of how it feels when I stand on stage.

Every morning at the gym, Jerry and I drag in there looking like zombies. And the regulars who have already been there for 3 hours like to comment on how happy and excited we [don't] look. As I was trudging out the door today on my way to work, I got asked why I put myself through this when I'm so very clearly miserable. My face lit up as I explained how I absolutely adore the feeling of standing on stage. There's nothing like it in the world! I love seeing how I can change my body, and when I'm on stage, I love knowing that I look my best and I'm damn proud of all my hard work. Plus I like trophies (ok, I left that part out, but it's true).

I only have a couple more hours left at work, and then I'll hit up the gym to train with Jerry. I wish I could be there with him when he trains, but his time is in the middle of the day, and I'd have to do some fancy scheduling arrangements in order to be there with him.

So we're officially into the final 3 weeks ... no more treats. Just intense focus, determination, and hard work. Bring it on!


  1. Damn girl! You are way ahead of the game! So glad you are feeling good!!! Keep smiling :) It will be here so quick!!!

  2. YOWZA!!!! Lookin good girl, and ahead of schedule. GO YOU!

  3. found your blog thru the girls - your progress pics look great

  4. Looking great, Kari! Particularly your shoulders/triceps and quadriceps! Keep adding to that trophy collection :)

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement!! I really appreciate it! :)