Friday, April 2, 2010


Another week is nearly over, another Saturday dances in front of me. All week long, I look forward to Saturdays because I get to eat CARBS! Meaning cookies, sushi, pizza, protein bars (yes, those are a treat! Cuz they're not as good for you as you may think they are). Two weeks ago, I went all out and stuffed myself. I felt so sick that night! And I was SO disgusted with myself! So last week, I didn't eat as much, didn't force feed myself. Yet I still gained about 5 lbs. I dropped about 3-4 of those lbs by Tuesday, but I came to a realization: by eating so much food on Sat - and the kind of food I'd been eating - it was taking nearly 5 days for me to drop the weight I gained in just 1 day! So I'd spend the week trying to find my Fat clothes to wear because my gut was sticking out, or I couldn't fit my fat (read: watery) thighs into my skinny pants. Granted, I haven't gained fat - it's all water weight, which is why it comes off in just a couple days. But the point is ... I'm spending most of the week feeling bloated and gross. Definitely NOT the physique I want to maintain.

I made a resolution earlier this week to not be a glutton this Saturday. I'm getting enough food on my diet to maintain my physique and to keep myself only a couple weeks out of contest condition, so there's no reason I should be going crazy on the weekend.

At this point, I'm only about 5 lbs over my contest weight, which is exactly where I wanted to maintain. I've never held my conditioning this long after a show, and I have to say, I'm proud of myself! :) I still have the usual post-contest mental battles, where I try to convince myself that it'd be ok to "just have a bite" of something. Or I ask myself, "Really, how much damage could 10 g of carb do?" The answer is - probably not much damage physically. But it would completely throw me off course mentally. Because then I'd start rationalizing and making excuses for so many other things. It's just not worth it. I was reading Maxine Muscle's blog today, and totally identified with something she said - she got to eat a really tasty bar on her diet, and liked it so much, she had 2. Then she realized she'd consumed an extra 220 cal! So she asked her trainer to remove the bar from her diet because it kicked off cravings for so many other yummy foods that she shouldn't be eating during prep.

Some people may argue that such measures aren't necessary. And perhaps they aren't for some, but are absolutely necessary for others. I know that I can't have just 1 bite of something, because I have such a difficult time stopping there. That's why I like to smell food. That's right - I smell food that I can't eat. I've stuck my nose so far into Jerry's oatmeal/protein powder combo before that I actually got oatmeal on my nose!

As I sit here eating my turkey and walnuts, thinking about tomorrow, I'm resolving (again) to be true to my resolve of not being a glutton. We're not going to stop at the grocery store tonight to pick up cookies and that giant apple fritter/donut thingy I so love just so I have food immediately after my cardio tomorrow morning. Instead, I'm going to bring my new (FREE) Oh Yeah! Caramel Crunch bar. Then we'll hit up sushi, and I'll restrain myself from gorging there. I like looking and feeling good. I like looking and feeling lean. I'm going to keep repeating that to myself the rest of the day and all day tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I hear ya! Once one excuse hits the tip of my tongue, they just keep rolling out!! I think to myself, I can buy that giant bag of skittles and just have one serving size a day....that won't hurt. The next thing I know, I am sitting on the couch with the whole bag in my lap in sugar heaven, telling myself, I'm just going to do this one time! No candy or any sweets for that matter is allowed in this house!! LOL! Enjoy your sushi!!

  2. Amen. I consistently overdo it with my treat meal. Learning that I don't have to eat it just because I's a process....

  3. "I like looking and feeling good. I like looking and feeling lean." a great motivational tool. ;)