Monday, April 19, 2010

Listening to My Body

This past week was tough for me. With all the changes to my diet, training, and cardio, my body was really hating me. I nearly fell asleep during my Friday evening shift at the gym, and just the thought of doing anything other than sitting perfectly still seemed like an effort. So clearly, I'm doing something right.

Earlier in the week when my parents were visiting, we played tourist and did a lot of walking around and moving. While it was a lot of fun (we toured the White House!), it was also draining. And by Friday, I was ready to relax. Since Jerry is also in contest prep (we're doing the same show; isn't that cute? LOL), he was exhausted too. We both decided to do absolutely nothing on Saturday ... well, absolutely nothing besides double cardio sessions and eating at our usual times, that is.

After morning cardio and my first meal, I found myself sitting motionless on the couch ... doing absolutely nothing. Oh sweet heavenly peace! I realized I hadn't just sat on my couch and done nothing in over 8 months! Ok, so my couch was in storage for 6 of those months ... but the point is that I actually took some time to just sit. In my busy day-to-day life, I always seem to be on the go: packing my bag, cooking food, running to the gym, getting ready for work, cleaning the house. There's always something to be done, and never enough time to do everything. At the end of each day, I practically fall into bed. I constantly ignore my body's signals to slow down and rest. I just keep pushing and pushing.

And on Saturday ... I just stopped. I listened to my body. And I rested.

I sacked out on the couch for over and hour and a half, sometimes sleeping, sometimes just lying there resting. It was so nice!! And then I got hungry again. LOL So Jerry and I traded places, and I sat at the computer while he sacked out on the couch. (I think we need 2 couches.)

Saturday night, we rented a movie and vegged out again. On Sunday, we slept in until almost noon (SOOO uncommon for me!! Felt like college again), and started in on getting everything ready for the week. Grocery shopping, food prep, laundry, cleaning, etc.

While it may seem like a boring weekend to some people, it was just perfect for us. We both finally got to listen to our bodies and give them the peace and relaxation we've both been craving. It's important to remember to slow down sometimes, and take some time to relax and let your body recharge. I'm ready to hit the ground running this week!

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  1. Muscle is built during rest! Good for you guys! I love those kind of weekends too. When you finally convince yourself that you don't have to be going 90 miles an hour...or in your case, your body convinced you!! LOL!

    Hope you guys are getting lots of sunshine where you live to help keep your spirits (energy) up. It's beautiful in Missouri right now!