Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet My Best Friend: Caffeine

Jerry just shaved his hair into a true mohawk. Not the fauxhawk he's been sporting the past couple months (which I adore, by the way), but a full fledged mowhawk. Hair only down the middle of his head, with the sides shaved. My parents arrive tomorrow for a 5-day visit. Go figure. I can only laugh. :)

On a completely unrelated subject, I realized something today. I think I'm addicted to caffeine. Ok, I'll be honest. I KNOW I'm addicted to caffeine. I've been trying to fool myself into believing I don't need it until the afternoon, when my body naturally starts to get sleepy. I take a few sips of Endorush in the morning before cardio just to get my legs moving faster than 1.2 mph on the treadmill. And then I don't have any caffeine until after 1:30 pm. Why 1:30 pm? Cuz 2 pm is meal time, and if I take a caffeine pill, I want it to be on an empty stomach - digests faster.

What made me realize this addiction today? Well, I was having difficulties focusing at work today. I kept getting distracted, and was completely unmotivated for most of the morning. I have a project due tomorrow, so there were quite a few things I needed to finish for it. Yet I found myself taking very frequent breaks in the middle of tasks. Then I started getting sleepy about 1 pm, so I took a caffeine pill at 1:30 pm. And by 1:45, I was smiling, walking with a bounce in my step (on my frequent trips to the restroom), and was motivated to accomplish every task on my list. I was a working machine this afternoon!! Didn't even stop to take my Scrabble turns (sorry Shawn and Tara - I promise I'll play tomorrow). About 5 pm, I finally surfaced and realized I had just concentrated for several hours in a row ... a record accomplishment for me, as I'm usually an ADD-type worker.

I think the combination of the pressing deadline (procrastination anyone??) and the caffeine really kicked my butt into gear, and I worked crazy mad hard. While I'm proud of myself, I'm also a bit disappointed that I needed a supplement to help me be productive. Is it the diet and extra energy expenditures of contest prep, the lack of sufficient sleep, or just a general lack of motivation that caused me to putz this morning?

I'd like to be this productive all the time (my clients will love me, that's for sure!), but at what expense? I could try working really hard without the boost of caffeine tomorrow morning, but I know that wouldn't be a true test, because I'll have the added excitement of seeing my parents soon. Maybe I'll try it later next week.

Until then, I'll keep bringing caffeine pills and Endorush to work with me, and hopefully make my clients happy campers with my high productivity.

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  1. I hear you there. My drug of choice is just plain ole' coffee and caff pills. If I don't have any within 30 mins of waking up, or every four hours or so...headache.


    PS. Tim wears a faux hawk too and I love it. Mohawk might be a little too much for me. LOL gotta laugh though, what else can you do?

    happy Friday Kari!