Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mid-Afternoon Musings

So many times throughout the day, I find myself staring out the window just watching the traffic. Today is no different. The thermometer on my computer says it's 88 degrees outside, and here I sit, trapped in an air conditioned office building. I want to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. I want to be sitting on a beach right now ... or lying in my front yard, tanning and reading a book. But instead, I'm sitting in front of two large monitors, trying to focus on media files that won't upload to the server unless I rename them each time I make a modification (software bug, anyone??).

I think my restlessness is a combination of things ... frustration with the software I'm using, dissatisfaction that I'm stuck indoors on a beautiful day, and reaction to the changes in my diet and training. Every Tuesday, my body fights ketosis. So every Tuesday, I find myself staring blankly at my computer screens, feeling like crap.

Why have carbs on the weekend if I feel like this a couple days later? Because it's worth it to me. Those Treats on Saturday give me something to look forward to all week, even if I only have one different meal. My body functions very well while in ketosis, but getting to that point sucks! I've been hungry all day, and I'm starting to get sleepy now. I've got my trusty Endorush sitting on my desk next to me , and at the moment, it's my best friend. Pretty sure I'd feel better if I hadn't stayed up so late last night too. :P

Well, I better get back to work. I need to check the links in a References Cited document to make sure they all open correctly. If they don't, I'll correct them, rename the document, upload it to the server, and change the link in the html code. Oh joy.


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