Thursday, April 15, 2010

Must Be Doing Something Right

I feel like crap. That means I must be doing something right.

Only a bodybuilder or figure/fitness competitor understands exactly what that phrase means, and the significance of it. Last week I felt ok. Not great, not crappy, just ok. So we changed things, because clearly, I wasn't making the progress I needed to make if I felt ok.

Contest prep isn't about feeling great; it's more about the hard work behind looking great. When I read that sentence, I laugh to myself, thinking how odd that really is. The better I feel, the worse I look. The worse I feel, the better I look. Why can't I LOOK and FEEL great at the same time?! LOL

Last week, my body seemed to be stuck. I wasn't making any progress, so we decided to drastically change some things to shock my body into responding again. We discovered that while my weight was remaining constant, I seemed to be exchanging muscle for fat/water. NOT GOOD. So we changed everything - diet, training, and cardio. I'm now doing 60 min of cardio in the morning, and only 30 in the evening. My training intensity has increased: I'm either doing abs between sets, or I'm super-setting exercises. Apparently, my body responds very well to higher intensity training. I build and retain muscle, as opposed to losing muscle doing just straight sets (hmm ... makes me wonder if that was one of the issues in previous contest preps). I don't mind the higher intensity workouts. Of all the things to change, the workouts are mentally the easiest for me to accept. I hate adding cardio or making my diet more difficult.

My last Treat Meal was on Saturday. Jerry and I had our customary all-you-can-eat sushi meal, and were then back on our diets for the remainder of the day. Since we're only 4 weeks out this Saturday, we don't get any more Treat Meals. However ... as a result of the changes we made this week, I've dropped 6 lbs since Saturday. And I feel  like crap. So that means I must be doing something right. ;)


  1. Wow big changes in just a week!!
    I'm not yet a competitor, but I get what you mean about the ironic look good / feel bad situation. You seem to be doin so well. I love reading about your progress.

    PS I get jealous every time I read about you and Jerry's all you can eat sushi...

  2. 6 lbs in one week? Wow!! I have dropped 6 lbs in a week before, but that was mostly water. These next 4 weeks are going to go fast!

    And yeah, I'm with you on the sushi part! You and would get along fabulously! Thursdays are dollar sushi at a place close to my house and I take full advantage of it!
    Great post Kari!!

  3. PS:
    I posted a link to your blog on the sidebar of my blog

    If you mind, let me know and I'll remove the link. If you don't mind...well...good!! :)



  4. Thanks, Dani! I'm flattered! I just returned the favor and added your blog to my page. :)