Sunday, April 4, 2010


Before I launch into a different topic, I want to follow up with how my non-gluttony Saturday went. I'm very proud of myself for gorging myself all day! We ate a big sushi meal, I had a few treats, and then didn't eat for a couple hours. I had an actual meal of oatmeal and protein powder (a treat for me, as neither are in my daily diet), and then cut out the carbs the rest of the night. I didn't feel like a whale last night, my stomach wasn't upset, and I didn't have to sleep with my feet elevated, as I usually do on Sat nights cuz my feet swell. Part of the reason I was able to be ok with cutting out the carbs earlier than usual is because on Friday, Jerry and I learned that the show we were both prepping for had been changed.

That brings me to the next topic: redirecting. There have been a lot of changes of directions lately as far as shows and prep is concerned. After we realized the Arnold was not a National Qualifier, we decided to get me ready for Team U instead of Jr Nats. So I had picked out my qualifier show: the Virginia Grand Prix, scheduled for May 29. This show was also to be Jerry's warm-up show for the Jr Nats. I still had 9 weeks to go, so I was just going to maintain for a couple more weeks before beginning to buckle down. And then Jerry talked with the Maryland NPC Chairman on Friday, and found out that a bunch of show dates have changed ... including the Virginia show. It's now scheduled for June 26, which is too late for Jerry to do as his Jr Nats warm-up show.

With that news, both of us had to stop for a second to regroup. If you've ever started prepping for a show only to realize you can't do it for one reason or another, you can identify with this. Both Jerry and I are at a condition of about 6 weeks out from a show. So we couldn't pick another show any sooner than that. Yet, we don't have the extra money to spend flying to a show, so we needed to focus on shows within a reasonable driving distance. (And by the way, this whole driving-to-a-show thing? Is very COOL! SOOO not possible in Montana!) I tried to look at NPC online, but that schedule is out of date now, which is very frustrating!

(And that's another point I'm upset about. If Jerry hadn't known the Chairman, how would we have found out the date had been changed? There's no notification on the NPC site announcing date changes. This is a big issue, especially for a first time competitor who is relying on that schedule to start their prep.)

We lucked out and found another show that fit into our timeframe: The Lehigh Valley Championships in Pennsylvania on May 15. I'm going to sound like a complete snot here, but ... I've never done a show this small before. It doesn't have its own website, and it's not even listed on the NPC site (which we all know by now is not a valid source of information anyway). I make it a habit to only do shows covered by Muscular Development. Yup, that sounded really snotty. :( But I'm not in this as just a hobby to see if I like it or if I can do it. I'm in it to turn Pro; I want my contest resume to be impressive, and I want the big companies to be present at the shows I'm in. I want huge National coverage, and I'm absolutely dying to have my picture in NPC News! LOL

Ok, so that was a slight tangent. The point is, I'm now officially 6 weeks out from a show, and am in full contest mode. I start morning cardio tomorrow morning, and it sounds like Jerry is going to make some changes to my training as well. I've been doing cardio every day since the Arnold, but it's only been once a day, after training. Hopefully some fasted, morning cardio will make a difference. We're also making some slight changes to my diet as well.

We took progress pics yesterday morning after cardio. My weight was 107 lbs, although I'm at about 110 lbs now after yesterday's carb-up (read: YUMMY foods) day. I'm hoping to be down to about 108 lbs by tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning. I can tell I'm holding a couple pounds of water right now, and my muscles are flat (hate that!).

I'm completely embarrassed about the back photo, but I guess I need to be open and honest, cuz that's how I look right now. Sometimes the camera is more honest than the mirror.

So ... with 6 weeks to go until I'm on stage again, it's time to tighten the belt (literally and figuratively) and get back at it!

* Site that contains updated show information for the mid-Atlantic region:


  1. Kari--here is a link for PA, NJ, MD, VA and DE area shows...the national ones are there too i think....check it to see if there is anything on there that are not on the main NPC list.

  2. You're looking great!

    I cannot believe how they just up and changed the dates this close/far out!! Yeah, would you have ever known?
    I can understand about wanting your show resume to be a good one. Sometimes I am amazed though at how little shows can get covered and bigger shows (like the Northern KY) had NO coverage!?
    LOL i just wrote about how this is not my entire life and I'm not a girl who is going to chase a pro card. HOWEVER, more power to you! How tall are you?

  3. Angela - thanks for the link! I'm more confused now, though, because the VA Grand Prix and the Julie Palmer show dates are switched on the Maryland site ... Think I'll just stick with the Lehigh since that date doesn't seem to be changing! LOL

    Becca - Yeah, show coverage is odd sometimes! I read your post about shows not being your life. :) I totally respect your choice, and have to keep reminding myself not to lose touch with reality while I'm chasing my pro card.

    I'm a shorty - just a little under 5'2" :)

  4. Oh my god girl you have the sickest body in the world. Sorry about the show switcheroo, that's super annoying but thank goodness you found out when you did! Oh, and I don't think you sounded like a snot at all. You sound like someone who's focused and has very specific goals in this game. Good on you!!