Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's CAKE in the Lunchroom!!

OMG ... there's CAKE in the lunchroom!! I purposely skipped the going away party afternoon because I had a feeling there was going to be some goodies there I needed to avoid (and I don't know the lady who's leaving the company). But when I went to refill my water bottle (for the 4th time today), I walked right into temptation in the form of cake.

When I saw the cake, my mouth dropped open and I started gasping for air (ok, maybe not the last part, but definitely the first part). Why couldn't they serve something like carrot sticks? Or broccoli? Just HAD to be cake.

And this coming at a time when I've been facing some struggles and inner turmoil regarding my diet too. Everything has looked so yummy lately, and even things that normally wouldn't tempt me (read: rice cakes) look SO delicious these days.

This thought actually even ran through my head: "Well, I could have just a tiny taste of frosting." What?! This thought coming from a National-level competitor who's in training for her Pro card this year?! Not good. So I refilled my water bottle and walked away. Crisis averted.

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