Thursday, May 20, 2010

Abs ... Where Did You Go??

It's the day after my birthday ... and I'm still recovering from yesterday's celebrations. I lost count of how many cookies I ate, but really, who needs to count cookies??

Last night when I got home from work, Jerry and I broke into my ice cream cake. He went to two stores to try to find the cookies & cream cake I wanted, but both stores were out, so he got the original. It was still really good!

My ice cream cake! Love all the festive colors of frosting! Also note the cute shirt (birthday present from Jerry).

For those who need a close-up view of the cake ...

 Oooh! Purty!

Since the cake was small, we each ate a quarter of it before heading out to the Washington Nationals baseball game. I'd mapped the Metro route online, and when we got off at the designated stop, we followed the sign that said "Stadium this way!" ... before we were stopped by a Metro employee. He'd noticed my [new] Nationals hat, and asked if we were going to the game. He then informed us that we were at the OLD stadium (where games are no longer played), and needed to get back on the Metro for 5 stops, then transfer to another line for another couple stops. What?! I politely requested that he inform someone that their website needs to be updated.

One Metro stop later, and Jerry decided he just couldn't wait till the transfer point to find a restroom (oh, the fun things that go along with competing ... that gallon of water gets ya every time!), so we got off the Metro and quickly found a Starbucks restroom. Jerry recognized the area we were in, and said he swore the stadium was "just across the street" from the gym where he used to work. So we decided to walk to the gym, and figured we'd see the stadium. It was at this point that I should've known better. This information was coming from a guy who get to a location one way, and takes a different way home because he continually misses correct exits.

So we started walking. We found the gym after making no less than 5 turns down different streets. But no stadium in sight. We wandered around for a little while longer and started following groups of people wearing baseball jerseys. Still no stadium. Srsly, who can't find a huge STADIUM in a city?! Um, us, apparently.

A nice man riding a bike with a rickshaw attached to it asked if we wanted a free ride to the stadium. Um YEAH! A couple minutes later, and we were at the stadium ... 30 min after exiting the Metro.

We immediately purchased food ($30 for a hot dog, burger, fries, and Diet Coke), then found our seats. Best. Seats. Ever. Season tickets (thanks to our friend, Rob!) right over the visiting team dugout.

Note the hot dog in Jerry's hands. He's so happy not to be dieting anymore!

The game was awesome! It included an in-the-park homerun and a triple play. Both against our team, but we ended up winning anyway.

We pretty much ate our way through the game. After the initial food, I had a slice of pizza, nachos grande, and a $5 bag of M&M's (note to self: purchase snacks outside of stadium and sneak them in next time).

 Nachos grande!!

We finished up the ice cream cake when we got home last night. And I may or may not have eaten a couple more cookies. By the time I went to bed, my abs were completely gone. Gluttony at its best!

Today, I'm completely back on my diet, as planned. My abs are starting to come back, and the water retention is going down already (thank goodness!). I'm still trying to wean myself off caffeine, so I've been struggling with feeling sleepy and lethargic all day (may also have something to do with my body trying to process massive amounts of carbs). I'm gettin' ready to hit up the gym for some circuit training and cardio.

Jerry and I kept mentioning how nice it was not to have to worry about bringing our own food, and getting our meals in at the game. It felt nice to be "normal" for a little while. At the same time, I really don't think I could live like that all the time. I didn't feel guilty eating those foods, but it's also not something I'd want to do every day. A few treats now and then, or a Treat Day once a week are just fine for me.

I'm still struggling to have a normal relationship with food - to not let it be such an influential factor in my life. I don't want to struggle with feelings of guilt or self-loathing every time I indulge at a planned time (because I don't allow non-planned indulges very often). I can honestly say I was disgusted by how my body looked at the end of the evening. But I was also aware that those treats were not an indication of a downhill slide or an out of control spiral. I know I have the power to change how I look and feel. And I know the water weight will be gone by next week. I just need to be patient and stick to my diet plan.

I found myself thinking back to the days before I competed. I never would've eaten that much food in one day! And I wouldn't have been so aware of how those foods affected my body. Since I've been competing, I've become much more aware of the affects of foods - both mentally and physically. But I'm also aware that I have the knowledge, power, and discipline to make the changes I want to make at any time.

A wonderful present!

Yesterday was a celebration, and today is the next step on my journey. Seven more weeks until Team Universe, and I'm on the right track!


  1. That cake looks delicious!! And the sweater is pretty too....your Man did good. And did I notice a dozen peach roses in the background? Those are beautiful!!

    I can't relate to the abs....because mine have yet to make an appearance, but they will...and before the end of summer...However, you are one determined lady, so it won't be long before they reappear.

  2. The cake looks GOOD and so did the nachos. YUM! Looks like you had a wonderful time. You look so cute in a hat. I bet your belly was doing some major pooching at the end of the night. Glad you enjoyed it though as you should. Everytime I eat like that I obviously do like the taste of the food but then I am thankful I don't eat like that on a daily basis anymore. You feel good in the moment but then your body and mind feels like crap afterwards. Have a good weekend.

  3. Lemme tell ya - ALL the food was so good! But in all honesty, I was ready to get back on my diet yesterday. My abs are finally starting to make an appearance today, which is a relief - they were COMPLETELY gone Wed evening!

  4. MMMM That cake looks like a fiesta. I know it was goooood