Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anticipation ... and cookies!

Right now, life is good. Life is very, very good!

The past few days have been stressful ... I've been really busy at work and doing final week prep stuff. But right now, the big hurdles have been crossed.

I successfully presented the training I've been frantically writing for the past week and a half, and it went really well! No technical issues, and lots of good questions. I'm so relieved to have it finished!

Last night I finished my final workout - a light circuit - and cardio. It's always such a relief to finish the final workout. All the hard work is over, and then it's time to relax. I was really focused last night ... had my ipod up loud, and really focused on the mind-muscle connection because the weights were light. I still found myself fatiguing quickly, but I pushed through and felt better at the end of the workout. I can honestly say that's the best I've felt during a final workout.

Jerry and I chat about our prep for the LeHigh show

My final workout before my first competition was a disaster. I literally had NO energy at all. I dragged myself into the gym, wearing sweats and a hoodie (with the hood up). I was supposed to do some sets on the leg press with plates on either side, but I couldn't even move it. I ended up doing some reps with 25  lbs on either side, and crying during every set. People were looking at me oddly (what? You've never seen someone cry in the gym before? Apparently you've never met me! LOL). I didn't talk to anyone. Just did my sets, and dragged myself out the door. People still remember that night and like to remind me of it. Boy are things different now!

With the final gym time out of the way, Jerry and I are now focused on shaving, tanning, packing, and food prep. I did my home waxing stuff last night and then helped Jerry get all shaved up. We went to bed late, and were up early this morning to put his first coat of Pro Tan on. His skin is so light, and almost repels the tan, that we have to start painting him several days out from a show, and put lots of coats on him. Kind of a pain. I felt so bad for him this morning, cuz the tan liquid is cold, and in order for it to dry properly, it almost has to freeze on the body. So he was shivering while I was applying it, and then he had to stand in front of the fan to dry.

This morning I got my brows done, and this afternoon, I'm getting my nails and toes done. Love all the final beauty stuff! I got my hair done on Sunday, so I've been rockin' the highlights again. I love feeling all spit shined and polished up!

Tonight we're gonna have a tanning party at home! Jerry will put on my first coat of Jan Tana (I like that product better for my skin. Pro Tan makes me look orange), and I'll put another coat of Pro Tan on him. We'll weigh out and pack up our food, and then hit the road tomorrow morning!

Last night I gathered up all the post-show goodies I've slowly been accumulating, and put them all into a cooler. Just want to make sure I don't forget anything! And the best news of all ... My dozen cookies from Elle's Belles arrived this afternoon!!! :) Those will get packed up too and brought to the show. (Can you tell what I've been craving most?!)

I picked up a couple boxes of Lofthouse cookie last night on an almond-and-water run to the store

I'm excited that everything is coming together just right! I'm looking forward to hittin' the road tomorrow morning, and rocking the stage with Jerry this weekend!!


  1. Dieting for 24 weeks?!?! Ohh bless you!! :) :)
    I wish you great luck this weekend! Way to finish strong!
    Hey, side note-you're probably already tapering your water--but I ALWAYS throw a peppermint or chamomile tea back in my jug--it steeps just as well in the cold water and its much easier to get down!!
    Can't wait for your results! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!
    EM :)

  2. Your ARMS look AWESOME!! WOW!! Not that they shouldn't look like that but they are CUT! Very beautiful in my opinion.

    Enjoy those cookies, every last bite of them. You earned it!!

    Can't wait to see updated pictures of you. GOOD LUCK and have fun.

  3. I enjoyed the vid!
    I am not a fan of lofthouse cookies. Idk why but I think I'm the only person on earth who doesn't like them!! LOL