Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Falling Off the Wagon & Ice Cream Cake

Today is a milestone for Figure Girl World! This is my 100th blog post! :) Apparently, I've had 100 thoughts I felt I needed to write about.

So what's up in Kari's world today?

Well, I fell off the diet wagon last night (yes, already), and ate some cookies. Yes, cookieS - plural. I was so good all day until late afternoon when I decided I wanted to eat a Power Crunch bar between meals. The bar could've been its own meal, but I added it in. So there was 200 extra cal in my diet. Then when I got to the gym, Jerry had candy that one of our friends (Annie) had brought back from Bulgaria for us. I asked Jerry if I could have a piece of chocolate, he said yes, and then the evening went downhill from there. I had 3 pieces of chocolate candy (really good, by the way. It was actually from Greece) before my workout. After my workout, I wasn't very hungry, so I didn't eat my post-workout meal (turkey & almonds).

At home, I was greeted by one rambunctious puppy (Bruno) and one rather subdued puppy (Nikko). Turns out Nikko was sick, so there were several piles of pooh and some pee on the kitchen floor. Which meant that after I cleaned it all up, I needed to wash the entire floor. A half hour later, the kitchen was sparkling, I still hadn't eaten, and Nikko proceeded to throw up. At that point, I realized I really wasn't hungry for cold turkey again, and just gave in to my craving for an Elle's Belles cookie. It tasted REALLY good. So did the Twix that followed it. And later, the Girl Scout cookies and my favorite Lofthouse Strawberry Shortcake cookies.



So what was it that triggered me to give myself permission to cheat. And yes, this was "cheating" on my diet, since it wasn't planned, and was most definitely NOT included in my diet. A couple factors contributed to it.
  • I've been dieting for 24 weeks. No, I didn't do 24 straight weeks without any Treat meals. But it's been 24 weeks of strict compliance to a plan. Very little variety, very structured program. It was necessary for me to achieve my goals, but at the same time, it took a toll on me mentally. It's not an excuse for me to cheat on my diet by any means! But it was definitely a contributing factor.
  • I still have 8 weeks until Team Universe, and I know I can whip my body into contest shape in under 4 weeks if I maintain a certain level of conditioning. Eating some extra foods 2 days after a show will not have any impact on my Team U prep. Now, if I continue to have treats or go completely off my diet, that WILL have an impact. However, that won't happen, so I'm not concerned about a couple cookies.
  • I'd already broken compliance with my diet for the day by adding in the protein bar when I shouldn't have. Again, not an excuse! I remember someone giving me this analogy for cheating on a diet: It's like bouncing a check. If one check bounces, will you continue to write bad checks the whole day since one check already bounced? If you have a piece of candy, is your diet for the day ruined? Why continue to bounce checks (cheat more on your diet) instead of just stop writing checks that day? Makes sense to me! But I ignored that voice in my head last night.
  • Jerry told me he planned to go to Wendy's to order just a cheeseburger and wasn't gonna have any fries. But when he got there, he ordered fries and ate them all. Well, if he got to cheat, why couldn't I? TOTALLY not good reasoning! But yeah, it went through my head.
None of these factors are any reason to cheat on my diet ... yet they were all thoughts in my head last night. I'm not ashamed of myself or disappointed in myself. Mostly because I know those cookies didn't do any damage to my contest prep, and I'm confident I'll be back on track the rest of the week. The only exception is tomorrow, because it's my birthday! Yep - National Holiday. Ha

So what makes my birthday an occasion to not follow my diet? Well, nothing, really. Last year I was prepping during my birthday, and I didn't have any birthday treats. So why am I going to have some tomorrow? Because last year, my show was only 4 weeks after my birthday, and I was behind in prep. I couldn't afford NOT to follow my diet. This year, I'm still only a couple days out of a show, and have enough time to get into shape. The only reason I'm even following a diet now is because I want to bring my BEST conditioning EVER to Team U, and the only way to do that is to maintain a higher level of conditioning and leanness for the weeks leading up to the show. Plus, I like looking and feeling lean.

So tomorrow, I'll follow my diet during the day, and then will most likely have some treats in the evening. Jerry's taking me to a Nationals baseball game tomorrow night. I'm so excited! I haven't been to a baseball game in over 5 years, since Montana doesn't have a professional team.

 I hinted that I want ice cream cake for my birthday, so hopefully he got the hint (Did you read that, Jerry? ICE CREAM CAKE). Here was our conversation at Safeway a couple weeks ago:

Jerry: Whatcha lookin at?

Me: Ice cream cakes. You know, I really love ice cream cakes!

Jerry: Oh.

Me: I get to have cake on my birthday, right?

Jerry: Yeah. It's right after the Lehigh, and you'll have enough time before Team U. It'll be fine.

Me: I think I'd really like that one.

Jerry: Which one?

Me: THAT one! The cookies & cream one.

Jerry: Are you telling me you want ice cream cake for your birthday?

Me: Yes.

Jerry: So you want me to buy you an ice cream cake for your birthday.

Me: Yes.

Similar to what I want tomorrow

That's how I "hint" that I want him to buy something. Gotta love our method of communication! :) Oh, and side note: today is our 1-year anniversary of dating. :)

The day we first met - May 1, 2009

So back to my diet. I'm right on track today. After I post this, I'll be hittin' up da gym for some active recovery training. It's pretty much a full body circuit, light weights, higher reps. Just enough to keep some blood flowing through my muscles without overtaxing them. Competitions are very stressful on the body, so it's important to give the body some time to recharge afterward. I'll do 30 min of light cardio after the workout too.

I was 107 lbs last night, which means I'm retaining about 7 lbs of water since Saturday. Yipes! Very normal, though, and it's already starting to come off. I've still got veins running down my arms (hooray) and striations in my shoulders. Once some of the food processes, and I drop some water weight, I should be at about 104 lbs. I'd like to remain only about 5 lbs over contest weight so I don't have to train so hard when it comes time to gear up for Team U prep.

That's what's new in Kari's world! Time to hit up da gym!


  1. Happy early birthday :) I love ice cream cake too :) Its my favorite!!!

    I liked the cheating on your diet/checks analogy...i have to remember that one ;)

  2. Congratulations on your win! Can't wait to follow your progress for Team U! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I think part of my problem with the last week is that I don't relax enough. It is what it is at this point so it's time to just have fun!

    I was just looking at icecream cakes the other day too! Cookies and Cream all the way :)

    Hope you have a great birthday!!!

  3. Happy birthday Kari! Enjoy your ice cream cake...it looks delicious!!

    Oh...I hope your dog is in better health now.

    I really admire your dedication to your goals, a rare quality these days.

    Happy 1 year anniversary to you and Jerry.

  4. Ice cream is weakness. And in cake...even more tempting. love your blog!

  5. Fudgey The Whale. Best. Ice. Cream. Cake. EVER.

    Just saying...

    Happy Anniversary and Early Birthday!