Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Final Week Prep Anxiety

Four more days till show time ...

Jerry and I have been talking about how to handle my final week prep. Since my body responded differently for this prep than for my last one (read: I got leaner faster), we're doing things just a bit differently. Some things are similar, but since I'm already leaner now than I was on stage at the Arnold, we're re-evaluating our approach.

This is a rather difficult thing for me to do, since I'm a very process-oriented, planning-type person. I like things to be the same (read: almost to the point of boring), and I like to know what to expect. Well, since my body reacted differently than we expected (in a good way), we need to change things a bit from last time. And that makes me nervous.

I fully trust Jerry's judgment and expertise, so whatever he says to do or not to, I'll follow. Doesn't mean I won't question it, though. I always want to know why something is the way it is. Or why we do or don't do certain things certain ways. When I know the reason behind things, I feel comforted, because I can set realistic expectations. However ... asking Jerry to explain things isn't always a fun thing to do, especially when he's so depleted and run-down too. Thankfully, he was able to muster up the patience to explain the reasoning behind his approach to me last night, and now I understand why we're taking this approach. I'm still nervous about it, though, because it's something different.

Final week prep approach is always a slightly scary thing, since it has to be dead on in order to peak just right on stage. Overlooking just one thing can make a big difference. I realize it's tough for Jerry to be the trainer, coach, boyfriend, and bodybuilder all at the same time. But I think he's doing a great job, and I'm excited to bring my best conditioning yet to the stage this weekend!

Progress pics from this weekend. These were taken after morning cardio, before any meals.

My weight has been holding steady at 101 lbs, and my bodyfat on Saturday after these pictures were taken is about 8.8% according to the 7-point online calculator thingy. I know those things aren't extremely accurate, but suffice to say, I'm close to 9%, which is the leanest I've ever been without being dehydrated on stage.

Four days and counting!


  1. LOOKING GOOD!! You are ready as far as I can tell. Good luck on this last week and timing it just right. I am certain things will work out and fall into place. HAVE FUN!!!

  2. now that is the way to do a prep :) You look amazing! So excited for you!!! I loved following along and i hope you continue to inspire me and so many others!! You are going to rock that stage!!!!!

  3. You look great! Can't wait to see your progress pics.

  4. Nothing to be embarrassed about woman! Your back side looks AMAZING! You are an inspiration. Good Luck!