Monday, May 17, 2010

Food and Tanning Issues

Back to the real world today ...

After yesterday's gluttony fest, I was ready to get back on my diet of clean foods today. Yes, you read that right - I was ready to get back on my diet. Yes, I'm the girl who, just a couple days ago, was dramatically pining over cookies and cakes. Yep, that was me. So what changed?

Well, remember when I said I figured all I needed were a couple cookies and the option to add some variety into my diet? I got that. So now I'm content to be back on my diet again. Simple as that! Amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference in attitude!

Jerry and I talked about the different foods I can add to my diet, and I'm once again a happy camper! I can have protein powder, my favorite Power Crunch bars (OMG), and some different proteins.

My favorite protein bars ever!

I'm excited about being able to be just a bit more relaxed about my diet and training for a couple weeks. I feel less pressure, which is very refreshing. It feels so good to be able to say, "Sure, we can go out to eat with you!" when people ask now. (Not that many people ask, cuz we're usually dieting and have to say no, but the point is, we CAN say yes now.)

So that's today. Back on track, trying to get rid of this (#*$&(#^ water retention. Why am I retaining water right now? In order for me to look MY best on stage, I need to reduce sodium and water. I don't completely cut either out, but I reduce the water from about 2 gal/day down to 1 litre the day of the show. So when I'm standing on stage, I barely have any water in me, and very little food. Not everyone is like that, though. Jerry needed to eat before he went on stage, so he looked fuller. If I did that, I'd spill over and just look soft and round, almost puffy instead of lean. Because my body operates this way, after the show, I usually retain a fair amount of water for a couple days. It's only temporary, and I know it'll be gone by the end of the week (fingers crossed!), but it's still frustrating for me.

To make matters worse, I ate a bunch of food yesterday that I normally don't eat. Why? Because I can! LOL After not having any treats for the past 5 weeks, I was more than ready to eat whatever the heck I wanted! So here's what I ate yesterday ...

Meal 1: Biscuits, cake donut, fruit loops, OJ, 3 packages of 100 cal flavored rice cakes (OMG YUM!! Cinnamon streusal and caramel)

Meal 2: French toast and biscuits (at Cracker Barrel), cookie, Twix

Meal 3: Cheez-its baked snack mix, cookie

Meal 4: McDonald's grilled chicken salad, fries

Meal 5: 3 bowls of Special K Cinnamon crunch, Reese's PB cups, bag of coconut M&M's

When I look back at this, maybe it doesn't seem like a lot. But boy, was I stuffed! And SO ready to go back on my diet and eat clean foods again! I guess I didn't eat as many cookies yesterday as I thought I did. I know I ate 4 after the show. :)

Elle's Belles cookies, ordered from my Montana ... because they're my absolute favorite!

I realize this blog has been mostly about food so far! So what else happened during this process??

Well, interestingly enough, both Jerry and I learned that while it sounds really cool and cute to do a show together, it's not always fun and games. We got on each other's nerves, had moments of high emotions and tension, and sometimes didn't feel like talking to the other at all. But after those moments passed, we'd talk about them and figure out what we learned about ourselves and about each other. It was sometimes very difficult to put myself aside and focus on him and his needs. I ended up driving places a lot of the time because he couldn't focus or think straight. I didn't necessarily WANT to be driving because I was tired or hungry, or often both, but I was in better shape mentally than he was. And he sometimes had to stay up late to cook food for me because we'd both miscalculated on what I needed for the next day. So even though he was tired, he'd stay up to help me. So we both learned to give more.

Jerry and me backstage

The night before we left for PA, we took turns painting the tan on each other. He used Pro Tan, and I used Jan Tana. So when I was packing for the show, I packed tanning stuff for ME (ie - 1 bottle of Jan Tana hi-def and 1 bottle of Ultra top coat). I'd completely forgotten that he was going to put 2 coats of Jan Tana on at the hotel. So when we got there and were ready to paint, we realized we didn't have enough Jan Tana hi-def paint for both of us. OMG!! BAD situation! It's not like we could just run out and buy some - it has to be ordered and shipped. So I decided that since I already had a good base coat, and I knew the Ultra color (which is supposed to be only 1 top coat) worked well on me, we'd use the hi-def for Jerry and just do 2 coats of Ultra on me. It was a gamble, because we didn't know if the 2nd layer of Ultra would go on me evenly.

There was just enough hi-def to give Jerry the 2 coats he needed. Whew! We topped him off with 1 coat of Ultra the morning of the show, and his color looked great! The Ultra didn't go on my skin very evenly, though. Our guess is that because I didn't have a layer of hi-def on, it didn't soak in evenly. So we had some blending issues with my color, and then when we tried to put the second layer on the morning of the show, it was all blotchy. Pretty much a disaster! Judges have been known to take points off for bad color, so I just resigned myself to not winning since my color was off.

When we got to the show, it was really hot in the building, so Jerry's tan started to run. Not good! We touched him up, and evened things out, so that was a crisis diverted! But we didn't realize I needed to be touched up until after we'd put a layer of oil on me. So when we tried to blend a patch on my leg, the color just came right off. So there was an area next to my knee without any color. It looked awful! I just prayed the judges would ignore it and focus instead on my winning presentation. Ha

 On stage

Talk about a stressful situation! With both of us competing, it was difficult for us to help the other out and be there in the ways we each needed the other. We managed, but there were some tense moments backstage and some almost-tears (on my part, of course). We pulled it together, and decided to make it a fun experience as best we could. And we did! I had a blast on stage, and I think Jerry had fun too!

Clearly, the judges did not take away points for color (whew!), and we both walked away with trophies. Here's a video we took after I took 1st in my class.


  1. You look great and congrats on your wins! How long have you been working out? I've been doing it for almost two years and I'm trying to gain some size. I know that comes with time. I'm eating around 1700-1800 calories a day. I feel like that's enough without gaining too much fat. I'm at 16-17% right now. Do you have any tips? Thx!

  2. I've been training for almost 13 years ... and have been serious about it for 6 years. Keep your calories up and make sure you're eating clean foods (not processed). Inevitably, there will be some fat gain along with muscle gain, but if you keep your diet clean, it'll be minimal. If you're too lean, it's very difficult to put on muscle. Keep up the hard work!

  3. Oh my goodness girl!! CONGRATS!!! WAAAHOOOOO!!!! You look freakin fantaaaaastic. You deserve it. YAY!!!!