Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Extra ... How I Miss Thee!

Today has been ... an experience. Work was super busy, and I was answering questions about 3 different projects, all the while still working on finalizing a training I need to deliver tomorrow morning.

Note to self: Never let yourself be scheduled to deliver a training 2 days before your show.

Another note to self: Never tell someone you can write a really good training the week of your show.

Just when I thought I had a final rough draft of the training written, I got a bunch of comments about things to "just add in" to it. Easier said than done. Several of those items didn't make it into the training. I already have nearly 50 slides for a 60-min training. MORE than enough!

So anyway, that was a long explanation about how scattered my brain is today. And how little patience I have for changes.

Today was the day that all of my artificial sweeteners got removed from my diet. That means no Crystal Lite, no sugar-free gum, no Diet Coke, and no sparkling water (Safeway brand - so yummy!). Essentially, all flavor removed from my diet. Well, except for the taco-flavored turkey, that is. But even some flavor was removed from that, as I barely used any soy sauce (I'm known for dumping soy sauce on most everything), and no salt (same issue as soy sauce). I totally feel like my breath stinks, but I can't really tell. I miss my gum. Sigh.

Oh, Extra gum ... how I miss thee ...

At the same time, due to those changes, I feel like my body has already started to tighten up. The last 2 days, I've felt like I was holding water, but I don't feel as bloated anymore. I'm a hungry, hungry hippo and thirsty as a dehydrated camel. All good things! Why is that good? It means my metabolism is revved, making my body a fat-burning machine, and my body is expelling water, tightening up and drying out.

This morning I finished my last morning cardio session , and I'm just about to hit up the gym for my last training and cardio session. The hard work is done!!

Tonight is the ever-so-fun shaving and waxing party, and tomorrow morning, Jerry gets his first coat of tan. His skin nearly repels color, so we're starting the painting process earlier with him, and will put more coats on him throughout the next 2 days. I'll get my first coat of tan tomorrow night, and then shower it off on Friday morning. We plan on taking turns painting each other on Friday. Oh, the things we do as competitors (and think are perfectly normal!)! :)

I'm looking forward to being finished with this training material tomorrow morning, so I can fully focus on the show. Yeah, I know ... priorities ... Ha

I'm off to the gym for my final workout! One step closer to the stage!


  1. lol...I was reading through your blog and saw "gum and ttaco flavor" together and was going to say..."i've never heard of taco flavored gum!! lol...blonde moment.

  2. You know it's bad when taco-flavored gum actually sounds appealing...