Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brief Update

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Chicago right now, finally getting caught up with my internet world. We've been without power for about half of our trip, after some ferocious storms ripped through the area on Friday afternoon. Last night, Jerry and I went to watch the Jr. Nationals evening show. What a show!! Strong, tough lineups with some serious competition. Everyone brought their best shape and conditioning to the show. We took a bunch of pictures, and some videos, but haven't gotten a chance to upload them yet. Congrats to all my friends who competed this weekend - you all looked amazing! It was so much fun to meet online friends in person and meet up with people we hadn't seen for awhile. Congrats especially to Becca, Meredith, and Dusty, who all placed really well in tough lineups!

A couple days ago, I made a big decision. But you're gonna have to wait to hear about it until I get more time to write about it. It's time to meet up with my family now, and spend some quality time with them. It's not often I get to spend Father's Day with my dad!! :)

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  1. I keep up with your journal and enjoy reading about your adventures (and struggles). You seem to have quite a battle with food and SO DO I!! I don't do contests, but I am trying to muscle up and lean down like one would do for a contest.

    Out of curiousity, when and how did you decide to start competing? Did you eat healthy and exercise a lot before this decision?