Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicago, Jr. Nationals, and a Fire Drill - Part I

I know I'm like a week late in posting this, but here's my recap from last weekend. It includes a trip to Chicago, a fire drill, a power outage, a visit with my family, a photoshoot, and Jr. Nationals. I'm gonna break it up into 2 entries too, cuz I just realized I wrote the longest blog ever.

I'll start with Thursday evening ...
9 pm ... Jerry and I get home from the gym and "discuss" how I'm going to get my fasted morning cardio in if our plane leaves at 6 am, and we need to leave for the airport at 4 am. Options: (1) Do cardio when we get to the hotel in Chicago. This means no food until about 10 am, Central time. (2) D cardio at home before we leave for the airport. This means getting up at 3 am to do cardio. And since it takes me forever to pack, it would also mean not going to bed at all.
No decision was made, but there were some tears (on my part, of course).

10 pm ... As I'm weighing out my food for the weekend, I realize we didn't make enough turkey. So I decide to make my egg muffins instead.

11 pm ... Egg muffins are finally baking in the oven. Jerry and I resume the cardio discussion, which lead to a discussion about whether I even wanted to compete any more this year.

12 am ... I finally made the decision not to compete, and am working on being at peace with myself. I pack up all my food anyway, despite knowing that I won't eat all of it during the trip. I begin looking forward to some treats and restaurant meals with my family.

1 am ... Still packing. At peace with my decision not to compete the rest of this year.

2:30 am ... I finally crawl into bed, watching House Hunters International (I wanna move somewhere exotic too!)

3:30 am ... The alarm goes off, and I drag Jerry out of bed.

5:30 am ... We walk up to the airport gate just as they start the boarding process. Whew! When we board, we notice we were upgraded from steerage to Economy Plus. Hooray for 6 more inches of leg room!

8:30 am ... We meet up with my family (hooray! It'd been 6 months since I'd seen my bro and his family.) and drive to our hotel.

9:30 am ... We're several hours too early for check-in, so we hang out in the breakfast area and take advantage of the free food. Hey, we're paying guests too ... just 4 hours too early.

11 am ... We're able to check in. They cleaned a room just for us!

12:30 pm ... Jerry's hungry (surprise, surprise), so we leave in search of pizza. He and I ate at this great little place called Capone's in Lombard, IL. Homemade food, authentic atmosphere - they're actual relatives of Al Capone!

Capone's in Lombard, IL

2 pm ... We spend time at the Brookfield Zoo ... which is the zoo with the least amount of animals that I've ever seen. No lions, tigers, or zebras. Everything cost extra money. It was 95 deg and sunny. We were all sweaty, stinky disasters. And Jerry and I were dragging, cuz we were both still depleting in preparation for a photo shoot that evening. Not the best zoo experience.

4 pm ... Storm clouds roll in, the sky gets black, and the wind starts whipping. Everyone at the zoo takes off running for the parking lot. Within minutes, severe thunderstorms sweep in, knock over power lines, and wipe out the power for most of the Chicagoland area.

5:30 pm ... My family drops Jerry and me off at the Hyatt O'Hare (location of the Jr. Nats) for our photoshoot with Cal at CSI Photography. The power is out at the hotel and they're running on a generator. Pre-judging is delayed, so the competitors were all just hanging out at the expo. We ran into a bunch of our friends, which was really cool.

Jerry and I with Meredith and Dave, mutual friends of ours

6 pm ... The sky clears up, and Jerry and I shoot outside with Cal. Can't wait to get the pics back!

7 pm ... We stroll around the expo and peak in the doors to watch some of Figure pre-judging. We watch our friend, Meredith, get 1st call-outs in Figure Class D!

Meredith Berthelson, 4th Place, Figure Class D

10 pm ... We decide to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. I ate a couple cookies ... :)

Healthy food, but it tasted SOOO good after only eating my diet food for so long.

OMG. They were really good!

11 pm ... My dad picks us up and we head back to the hotel ... where there's still no power. The room is dark and hot. We're all completely unimpressed.

The fun and excitement continues on the next post ...

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