Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicago, Jr. Nationals, and a Fire Drill - Part II

And the excitement continues ...

4:50 am ... The fire alarm in the hotel goes off, so we all stumble out of bed, grab the flashlight, and make our way slowly through the pitch-black hallways to the door. Thank goodness my 1-year-old nephew remained quiet and calm! What a little angel!

Fire truck responding to the fire alarm

5 am ... They let us back into the hotel. False alarm.

6 am ... The fire alarm goes off again. We all ignore it and go back to sleep. Baby and Jerry sleep right through it. Possible?!?!

10 am ... We make a McDonald's run for breakfast, because the hotel's breakfast was unavailable due to the power STILL being out.

11 am ... We check out (money fully refunded!!) and head over to my grandma's, stopping to pick her up some coffee. She's still without power too.

12 pm ... We head downtown Chicago to see some bean thing in a park. We get stuck in traffic.

1 pm ... Still stuck in traffic.

2 pm ... Still stuck in traffic.

3 pm ... Still stuck in traffic.

4 pm ... Jerry and I turn around and head to the Hyatt for the Jr. Nats evening show. The rest of my family pays $24 to park at Navy Pier. Ridiculous. We hit traffic again.

5 pm ... Still stuck in traffic.

6 pm ... Jerry has to eat and pee, so we make a pitstop at Outback Steakhouse.

7 pm ... We change clothes on the roof of the parking garage and head to the evening show. We ran into more friends and had a blast cheering for everyone we knew. My friend, Becca Staggs nabbed 4th place in Bikini Class D, Amanda Zawojsky nabbed 5th in Figure Class C, Meredith placed 4th in Figure Class D, Shelby Starnes got 5th in the Light-Heavies, and Dusty Hanshaw dominated the Superheavies. (I still think Dusty should've won the Overall.)

 Becca Staggs

Amanda Zawojsky

 Shelby Starnes

Dusty Hanshaw

We sample all the yummy food at the expo (LOVES me some protein bar samples!), and get tons of supplement samples and a couple free t-shirts.

Online buddies meeting in person!

Becca and I finally meet in person! She's such a sweetie, and I wish her the best of luck at Team U in a couple weeks! We also meet up with friends from another board we belong to.

Nicky Freglette, Shelby Starnes, me, Jerry, and Chris Genkinger

Jerry, me, Brad Davis, Dusty, Evian Delly (Dusty's fiance)

12 am ...We end up going through the drive-thru at Burger King cuz we're both hungry, and nothing else is open. I may or may not have eaten a little pie thingy and some funnel cake fries. Yes, I said funnel cake fries.

 Enjoying the pie thingy

12 pm ... We head over to Grandma's and spend the afternoon with her at her community pool.

Saint Jerry

8 pm ... Cookout at Grandma's. It's so nice to feel normal and to not have to worry about timing my meals or having food with me all the time!

Grandma told him he could have 2 lemon squares. He had 3. They were good.

9 am ... Check in for flight online. I notice that it looks like our seats are facing backwards, and there are only 6 rows. I'm concerned about the size of the plane. No way we'd take a puddle jumper from Chicago to DC, right??

11 am ... Check out of hotel and head to Grandma's to visit until it's time to head to the airport.

3:30 pm ... Board plane and discover our "upgraded seats" are not just Economy Plus, they're Business Class. Which means ... AWESOMENESS!!! The plane is a Boeing 767 (ie HUGE), and there are indeed seats that face backwards in Business Class (luckily for my motion sickness issue, ours faced front)! Score!! Our seats recline all the way into a bed and have more options than a Lazy Boy recliner! PLUS, we each have our own huge TV screen and can watch TV, movies, play games, follow the flight route, or listen to music. PLUS, we each have our own remote controls for the seats and TVs!!

Yes, I am the dork who keeps exclaiming to Jerry, "Honey! Look at this! Honey! Look what my seat can do! Honey! my feet touch the foot rest now! Honey! This is SOOO cool!"

We get some amused looks from the other more seasoned Business Class passengers.

Way better than the extra 6 inches of leg room we were excited about on the trip there! Note the size of my PERSONAL TV!!

The divider between the seats. Note my own personal remote control that I don't have to share with Jerry.

We get free snacks, free altoids, and a full can of Diet Coke served in a GLASS (not plastic) cup. I watch the movie Valentine's Day, and Jerry watched Sherlock Holmes. We never want the flight to end!

7 pm ... We sadly leave the lap of luxury and exit the plane. We get our luggage right away cuz, hey, Priority passengers here!

All in all, it was a fun weekend, filled with experiences I'll never forget. I'm so glad we got to see my family, spend some time with my grandma, and meet up with our online friends.


  1. Sounds like a winning weekend, full of surprises, adventures, friends, family and a little bliss. :)

  2. Ah, the luxery of the priveleged lol. I had no idea that it was possible to flyso comfortably! I obviously rarely travel :( I'm so glad you had a great flight ...and a little jealous too ;)