Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CSI Photo Shoot in Chicago

During the weekend of Jr. Nationals, Jerry and I had a photoshoot with Cal from CSI Photo. This was the 3rd time we shot with him, and as always, we love the photos! He sent us a couple previews, and if these are any indication, the rest of the pics should be awesome!


Go Redskins!

Can't believe how lucky I am to be with him!

Jerry bein' all tough n stuff

Love this one!

I have to admit, I'm still trying to get used to my curvier look in these photos. I've only done shoots at shows, so I've always been super lean and wearing Jan Tana. These pics show a softer, more mainstream look, and while I understand the broader appeal factor, I'm my own worst critic, and see so many areas where I wish I were tighter. I'm trying hard to look past this and to recognize that these photos help diversify my portfolio.

Thanks again to Cal for the great work!


  1. OMG Love them all!!!
    But that last one is the bestest!!

  2. Pics are great! That last one is hot!!!!!

  3. I'm not sure where the soft is cause you look pretty hot!! I agree, I LOVE that last one!!

  4. I love all these photos, but that last one is on FIRE!!! LOVE it!!

  5. Love the pics! It looks like so much fun. I agree: we are our own worst critics. But, a more mainstream look is appealing to many women especially bc it looks more real

  6. I think you look amazing! I love the pics :) Thanks for sharing them!

  7. Love the pics. Sounds like you and Jerry are having fun.

  8. I love these pics! Cal does great work! I can't wait to see the rest! Sexy mama!!!