Friday, June 4, 2010

The Great Debate

Happy National Doughnut Day!!

I'm sulking because I can't properly celebrate this most wonderful of days by sampling a doughnut. Srsly, this is quite tragic and painful for me. Sometimes I really despise the limitations of contest prep.

And now on to a different topic ...

It's Fridaaaay! For some reason, this week seemed to go by slowly, even though it was a short workweek. Maybe it's seemed to go by slowly because it was so eventful, and I'm ready for a nice, relaxing weekend. This week included all of the following things: off-site training for work, damage to my car, repair on my car, morning cardio, changes to my diet, not enough sleep, and losing 6 lbs (all water weight ... but I'm still all flat and watery looking). I think those are enough events for one week! I'm looking forward to some serious tanning/reading time this weekend!

Series I'm reading right now. Yes, I know they were written for teens, but they're really good!

Yesterday I asked Jerry about the possibility for a Treat Meal this weekend ... to which he asked, "If we have sushi tomorrow morning, can you go back on your diet for the rest of the day?" Hmmm ... great question! Can I? I honestly don't know! Like I've said before, once I'm off my diet, I have a really tough time getting back on it for the remainder of the day, even if being "off" is a planned meal. This is definitely a mental issue that I continue to struggle with. Once I'm ON my diet, I'm completely fine! But once I fall off, even for just a bite of something, I'm OFF. (Note to self: If I'm gonna be Pro, I really need to learn how to manage this issue!)

Currently in my fridge ... too easily accessible ... and NO, I don't believe in throwing food away!

This conversation happened yesterday, and I still don't know the answer. I almost think that having my Treat Meal as my last meal of the day would be better for my psyche. After morning cardio, I could come home, make eggs, and then have my regular diet food the rest of the day. Then Jerry and I could go out for a nice dinner somewhere (and I could wear my new really cute one-shoulder teal dress that I've been dying to wear!). So why isn't this the easy solution? Two reasons ...

1 - The ideal time for me to have a Treat Meal (according to Jerry) would be earlier in the day, so I could burn off more of the calories throughout the day. But the whole falling-off-for-the-whole-day thing really becomes an issue.

2 - I should NOT even be having this issue. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself (read: perfectionist), but I feel I should be able to get back on my diet after competing for 5 years. Yet I continue to struggle. I'm super good at making excuses for not staying on once I'm off. I view this mental struggle as a weakness, and I despise feeling weak.

So I'm continuing to debate the options in my head. Try to overcome my weakness, eat earlier and struggle with staying on my diet the rest of the day, because it's the "best" thing to do for my training program? Or recognize my weakness, stay on my diet during the day, and have my Treat Meal in the evening, even though it's not the ideal protocol?

If someone came to me with this issue, I'd tell them to do whatever is best for their training program. We SHOULD all be strong enough mentally to follow the training program to a T ... but we're human. And inherently, humans make errors and have weaknesses.

So tonight I'll talk things over with Jerry again, and let ya know what we decided to do! What would you do??


  1. I hear ya. I think it would be easier at night too but then again I see Jerry's thinking on it.

    Funny that you post that reeses cup b/c my friend that is doing the bikini comp with me LOVES those things. She has been having to fight the cravings for those her entire prep. She can't wait to stop of stage in 8 days and devour one or 10 or maybe 20. For me though it is an apple and peanut butter. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the crunchy juicy goodness of an apple with my favorite stuff...peanut butter slathered on it.

  2. I dont think i would be able to eat my free meal so early...but im sure he knows what is best :( I think like you...what could it hurt?

    I have a big giant bag of mini resee cups in my fridge..,.hubby loves them....i haven't eaten them, but give me a cookie or something...forget it! LOL! Let us know what happens :)

  3. I totally see where you are both coming from. I have the same issue as you do Kari, I am ok when I am on, I won't treat all week not even one bite of anything but as soon as I have that first bit its a downward spiral, one treat turns into the day. I did have to start havng my treat late in the day (when I still had em) so that I would do less damage. I see where Jerry is coming from but how much extra are you burning if the treating doesn't stop all day? Which is the lesser of two evils!
    Please do keep us informed! and power to you to overcome the downward spiral! I feel for you girl!! Stay strong!

  4. Where in the world did you find that beautiful Reese's Cup?????

  5. Reese's peanut butter cup! YUMMO!! Is there anything better than chocolate and peanut butter?

    I would eat the treat meal at the end of the day, so I have something to look forard to and wouldn't ruin my earlier meals by eating to much of the wrong foods during the day.

  6. lol my fiance and I have playful arguments bc he still calls them "Reesey Cups" I say it's Reese's apostrophe S! lol But the eggs, trees, hearts ...whatever the season. I used to ration them and hide them in the freezer. Then, he found my spot so I quit buying them

  7. my take on this is you will prob feel guilty to eat the treat meal at night, because you know that it is more of a set back then eating it in the maybe only have your treat meal, when you KNOW you can stick to your diet the rest of the in previous preps...Good Luck ;)