Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nap Time

Is it Nap Time yet? That's the question of the day. I think the changes to my diet have finally hit my body today. I've been really sleepy, with focus, concentration, and motivation issues. Blah. I've been sipping on a bottle of Endorush all day, which keeps me nearly awake, but makes my head feel kinda funny. Too much B vitamins tend to do that to me.

Blue Raspberry Fix is my flavor of choice

Tonight I think I'm training back and bi's. I'm planning on taking some extra Jack3d/Levrone Formula before my workout so I can focus and train hard. I'm mildly irritable at this point, so I need to try extra hard not to snap at Jerry tonight while he's training me.

On a positive note, I'm steadily losing that ugly water weight! I've been dropping a pound a day since Sunday, so I'm definitely feeling better about my progress. On Monday, I was very worried that I wouldn't have enough time to drop the weight I need to drop in 6 weeks. While Jerry reminded me that I was retaining an extraordinary amount of water that would come off fairly quickly, I was still worried. We were going to start double cardio sessions 5 weeks out, but decided to play it safe, and started them this week, at 6 weeks out. I didn't want to be in a position where I'd regret not starting a week earlier. It would completely suck if I were a week behind schedule for Team U because we took a gamble and only started 5 weeks prior.

I view this show as my one shot at a Pro card this year. Granted, there are 5 or so other shows this year that I could do to try to earn it, but this is by far my best shot. If I don't win it here, I'll take the rest of the year off and try again next year. Well, at least that's the plan at this point. There's a very strong possibility it could change. :)

Is it Nap Time yet??


  1. all sounds eerily familiar...what with the motivation issues, fear of not dropping weight and oh yeah, possibly regretting not giving it your all and starting too late. HAH!
    You know you are gonna be fab Kari. You know what the water weight game can do for our mindset. Do you thing and try not to kill Jerry in the process.. :)

  2. you are going to be great! And like you said if you dont get your pro card at this show...there are more....and i cant see you waiting till next year ;)