Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Price of Victory

"The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards."
~ Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

Next week I begin my 29th consecutive week of dieting. Yep, 29 weeks. I started my diet right after Thanksgiving, and since then, have competed in the Arnold Amateur and the Lehigh Valley Championships, winning 4th and 1st in my height class, respectively. In 3 weeks, I'll be standing on stage for the final time this year, competing for my Pro card. But honestly? July 10 can't come soon enough for me!

Yesterday I wrote about how I was in a funk all day. My mood fluctuates a bit during the day, dependent on meal times and my natural high and low energy times, but yesterday, I just couldn't seem to pull myself up. The funk continued from work to the gym, where I discovered my weight was still the same for the 4th day in a row (yes, Jerry, I know I'm supposed to stay away from the scale!). Although Jerry swears I'm getting leaner and harder, I just don't feel it. We had a long discussion at the gym, and continued it later at home. (There may have been some tears involved on my end.)

Bottom line ... my body is responding differently again. My training approach is slightly different than for the other 2 shows, but the diet is nearly the same. My body should be getting leaner and harder, but I seem to have plateaued. It just goes to show that every prep is different, and there's not just ONE right approach (no matter how strongly some girls disagree with this!).

When we critiqued my body, we discovered that I closely resemble a mini brick. SO not cool. Since I have a small frame, there's a fine line between just enough and too much muscle on my body. Even though I may feel I'm carrying a lot of muscle, I still look small compared to the other women on stage.

2010 Arnold Amateur, black suit, 3rd from left

So how did we remedy this situation? Changes to my diet and training program again. I only have 3 weeks until the most important show thus far. Which means the next 3 weeks could royally SUCK for me. I'm going to have to work my ass off - literally.

We still haven't figured out why I felt so out of it yesterday. We discussed whether I should even continue with prep for the show, since my body seems to be trying to tell me something ("Hello! I'm done with this stupid diet & training thing!!"). Ever notice how your subconscious makes in appearance in your actions? Last night when I went to Target (which was a victory, by the way. I left without spending more than $30!), I somehow ended up buying a couple extra things.

Now how did THOSE end up in my basket??

 Whaaaaat. It was on sale. And no, I didn't eat any. It went straight into the freezer.

We didn't make any decisions last night. Just decided to sleep on it and see how I feel after a couple more days. When I woke up this morning (late again - darn phone alarm never goes off!), I was recharged and ready to go. Cardio went well, and my good mood has continued all day. I'm focused, positive, and ready to DO DIS THING!!


  1. Happy to hear you got your "funk" back on. Wow! Looking at this pic of you at the Arnold and you have the prettiest tan on stage. You might be smaller (boned) than the other girls you've competed against, but I think your personality totally shines through. And look at that quad sweep...AWESOME!!