Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today is Day 3 of my new Bikini Body plan, and it's going well! I feel better already.

Yesterday after my workout, I weighed myself to see if my hunch that I'd dropped some water weight was actually true. I figured I'd dropped about a pound or two, so I was surprised when I saw I'd dropped 4 lbs! So it wasn't my imagination that I tightened up a bit. My belly didn't jiggle nearly as much during my walk this morning, which is a sure sign of losing water weight. I can't believe how much water my body hangs onto when I eat carbs!

The only drawback of yesterday and today is the agonizing shift into ketosis. I had no energy and just felt generally icky yesterday. I feel slightly better today, as my body is re-learning how to burn fats instead of carbs for energy. Amazing what a huge difference it makes going from low carb to zero carb. Compared to most people, I wasn't even eating that many carbs - it was under 100 grams/day. Just goes to show that everyone's body is different.

CSI Photography at the 2010 Jr. Nationals - My goal for an off-season look

One of the main motivating factors of this Bikini Body plan was a statement one of my friends made a couple weeks ago. In her training journal, Staci pointed out that "when you're short and prone to being super curvy, you learn early on in life that you just can't eat like an American." For some reason, even though Jerry has been telling me this for the past few months, reading these words really knocked some sense into me. Since I had such a fast metabolism when I was younger, and was a skinny kid who could eat whatever she wanted without gaining any weight, I hadn't accepted that my body has changed in the past few years. I was in denial that I couldn't eat like a Normal person and still remain lean.

Once I finally accepted and came to terms with the fact that I'll always have to watch what I eat if I want to feel good about my body, deciding to start my Bikini Body plan wasn't such a big deal. I'm still not thrilled that I have to limit carbs, and avoid dairy in order to stay at my goal weight, but I'd rather be happy with how I look and fit into ALL the clothes in my closet than eat carbs I don't need.

I know I'm on the right track to feeling and looking better!


  1. Congrats Kari, looks like you really know your body. I'm contemplating a low carb diet myself..What are you eating on your zero carb plan?

  2. It's definitely a process to learn my body! I eat lean proteins and use nuts for fats (cuz I like them). Low carb and zero carb diets aren't really as scary as some people think they are. :) I prefer them, as they work really well for my body.

  3. I'm with you on the carb aspect. I love that pic too. How tall are you?

  4. I'm a shorty mcshorty at just under 5'2". :)

  5. I definitely think that the carb thing is what has been hurting me too...every pound shows on the shorties ;) It sucks!!! LOL!

    Glad that what you are doing is working :)

  6. I am a (ZC)er and so far I have lost over 73 pounds effortlessly in less than 9 months. Batlle On!!!

    You can see my progress pics here:

    "The Chronicles of David"

    Keep the Faith!!!