Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Enough?

Do we ever really feel like we're "good enough"? Are we ever really satisfied with our accomplishments, our jobs, our lives? Are we ever really truly content?

Some say in order to achieve all your goals and dreams, you should never be content; you should always be striving for more - to be better, stronger - always reaching. But is it this exact thought process that also leads us to feel inadequate?

Consider the successes and victories in your life. After you achieved them, did you find that you wanted more? By wanting more, is the first victory then cheapened and of lesser importance? Or is that one victory enough? Did that taste of victory just whet your appetite for more? What if you never achieve the next goal, despite all your efforts? Will you feel like you failed? Or will you still feel like a winner for even getting to the point where you COULD go after more?

When is "good enough" truly enough?

1 comment:

  1. I always want suckes though! Because I have achieved so much and I have come a long way but I am so critical on myself. I never feel lean enough for my shows and this or that. I need a better attitude!