Thursday, July 8, 2010

Independence Day Weekend Highlights

Since I figure everyone could use a few good laughs on a Thursday afternoon, I'd like to share some highlights of last weekend with you. Although I may appear to be graceful on stage, the second I step off-stage, I'm a complete klutz. I'm still trying to figure out how I haven't slipped, wiped out, or knocked other girls on their butts on stage ... but there's always next year, right? :)

Friday evening
Jerry and I went to a birthday party (first bday party I've been to in years. Didn't realize how much I've missed them!) for a friend of ours. It was outside, and since it was dark, there were tiki torches set up all over the yard.

Jerry: Honey, please try really hard not to knock any of those torches over. We don't want to burn down their house.
Me: I don't know why you're so concerned.
Jerry: Yesterday you walked into the weight bench at the gym. There's cause for concern.
Me: Good point. *Stays away from tiki torches. Potential crisis averted.*

We went to the pool with one of our good friends. (Temp was 95 deg - awesome day to be at the pool, btw!) I very rarely go underwater when I go swimming because of a history of sinus infections, (Plus, water & humidity destroy my cute hairstyles. Vain? Yes, sometimes.) but since it was so hot, I decided to throw caution to the wind and dunk my head.

Me: Honey! I can do a handstand on the bottom of the pool!
Jerry: What are you, 12?
Me: Watch! *Proceeds to do an amazing handstand on the bottom of the pool, toes pointed a la Shawn Johnson.* OMG! I got water in my ear!

Update: there's STILL water in my ear ... 5 days later. I've tried every kind of method (except going to the dr) to get it out. I'm mostly deaf in my right ear at this point. #frustrating

Later that day ...
Me: Honey, I'm gonna jump into the pool!
Jerry: Be careful!
Me: *Walks casually toward the pool, with the intention of strolling into the water. Stubs toe in the process before crashing into the water.* OW!!!
Jerry: What'd you do now?
Me: I stubbed my toe! *Holds toe out of water, only to discover there's blood gushing from it. Swims to side of pool and limps to chair, leaving behind a trail of blood.*
Jerry: I'll get you some band-aids.

Update: My toe is healing nicely. I had to modify some exercises to work around it, and I still haven't attempted the treadmill, but at least it's not bleeding anymore. Yesterday was challenging, as I had a tough time keeping my super cute shoes on since I couldn't curl my toes.

We headed toward our favorite beach, but just before we got there, we discovered they closed it cuz it was full. (What?!) We found another beach, dragged all our stuff from the car, and settled in for the day. It was another beautifully hot day, so I inflated my floatie and was enjoying the water, sun, and waves until ...

Park Ranger: Everyone out of the water!!
Jerry and Me: What?? Why?
Park Ranger: There are "No Swimming" signs all over. *Points to the "No Swimming" sign 2 feet in front of us.* Everyone out! You can only put your feet in the water.
Jerry and Me: Srsly?! Why?
Park Ranger: There's a strong undertow, and lots of fish hooks in this area. *Points down the beach at 15 people holding fishing poles.*
Jerry and Me: This sucks. *Standing in water up to our ankles, throwing water at each other from a protein shaker cup.*
Guy fishing: I caught something! *Struggles with fishing pole for 10 minutes.*

Everyone on the beach gathers around him. We see a fin splash up. Yes, a FIN. OMG he caught JAWS' brother! I grab my camera. Turns out, he caught a stingray. Yes, a STINGRAY!

The stingray being reeled in by the fisherman

The fisherman cut his line and the Park Ranger used a piece of driftwood to help the ray back into the water

Me: Jerry, you still upset we can't go swimming here?
Jerry: No! I don't want to swim with sea monsters!

Sunday evening
We went into Annapolis to have dinner and to watch their Independence Day parade. After 10 minutes of waving at the lineup of politicians (srsly, there were only like 3 floats that WEREN'T politicians!), we thought the parade was over. Imagine our surprise when, after a 10-minute intermission (are parades even supposed to have intermissions?!), a marching band came down the street! Followed by more politicians. Pretty much the lamest parade I've ever seen. Plus, we only collected 1 piece of candy. #lame

The parade started off great! Just went downhill after that.

Despite the lame parade, we still had a fun time. The fireworks were cool, although nowhere near as spectacular as the ones at the Mall in DC.

View of the Annapolis harbor from our table at Buddy's Crabs & Ribs

It was quite a weekend! Had a great time, but I'm still recovering from it!

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  1. The last parade I went to yielded enough beads to start my own branch of the Oriental Trading Company.

    I can't believe someone caught a STINGRAY off the beach. Wild.

    And I walk into walls and door frames. Daily. DH won't watch me use a knife in the kitchen. True.