Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Power to Change

Remember when I kept saying that I wasn't going to gain a bunch of weight after my last show? How I was going to stick to a plan and remain within 5-7 lbs of my contest weight?

I failed.

I'm about 18 lbs over my contest weight. I finally stepped on the scale last week to see what the damage was. When the number came up, I just sighed, because my suspicions were confirmed. How could I not know I'd gained that much weight? Because some of my smaller clothes still fit (albeit a lot tighter), and I can still see some lines in my arms and legs. I haven't turned into the giant puffball I was last summer, even though the scale says I'm back up to that weight.

Did I completely fall off the wagon? Nope. Was I pigging out every day? Nope. Did I have at least one treat every day? Nope.

So what happened?

I believe it's a combination of things: maintenance diet, post-contest rebound, and reduced energy expenditure.

When I break it down, I realize that I've only gained 7 lbs since I stopped dieting the week of Jr Nats (June 18). I didn't suddenly gain 7 lbs of fat, so some of it's water. I've been eating a clean diet during the week, and then having some treats on the weekend. Not gorging myself on the weekends; just going out to eat and having some treats. Basically, eating like a Normal person. My diet during the week was low carb, high protein, moderate fats, 5-6 meals a day. So while my diet was great by most standards, it wasn't a fat loss diet by any means. I didn't gain weight on it, but I didn't lose weight either. Since I'm a petite person, every little bit of food counts and makes a difference in my body. I really need to adhere to a stricter diet than most people do in order to stay at my target weight.

How does post-contest rebound factor in if I stopped dieting midway through contest prep? Well, after the Lehigh show in May, we changed my training and I started lifting heavier with fewer reps. We were trying to put on some muscle so I'd come into Team U looking fuller. It seems we were successful - I did put on some muscle (and thus, my weight increased). However, we quickly discovered that with more muscle, I look like a brick.

Although I'm still working my butt off in the gym every day, naturally, I'm not doing as much cardio as I did during prep. With a reduced energy expenditure, my calories were lower too, but clearly not low enough to compensate for the decreased activity.

I'm not completely depressed about my weight gain. I still look fit compared to most people, and many of my clothes still fit. But I'm not comfortable at this size. I want the rest of my wardrobe to fit. I don't want to feel the water/fat jiggling around my waist when I walk. I want at least an outline of my abs to show when I wear my bikini. And I don't want my thighs to rub together when I walk (talk about uncomfortable!).

So what's the plan?

I'm not a victim of myself. I'm not a slave to the limitations of my mind. I have the power, the ability, the willpower, the determination, and the strength to change my body whenever and however I want.

So I started morning cardio and tightened up my diet. Two small changes that will make a big difference in how I look and in how I feel. I'm following my own advice: if you don't like something, change it! Do something about it!

The goal is to lose 10 lbs and maintain that weight. I don't know how long it'll take to get to that weight; we figure maybe 5-6 weeks. I'm taking charge of my body and my mind.

In the words of Linguini (from the movie Ratatouille): "Let's do this thing!"


  1. I'm with you! In three weeks, I gained five pounds..back to sensible eating and my weight is dropping once agin. I have to break that 140 plateau! I have to make a plan to make it work :) Thank you for re-motivating me once agian.

  2. I totally just bought that Marilyn postcard last Saturday at Barnes & Noble. My daughter and I are huge Marilyn fans and, of course, I love strength training so I thought my daughter would get a kick out of the postcard. So funny that you would post it that very next week :)

  3. Uhm, I love the bolded text. LOVE IT! Are those your words?

    It's so easy for the weight to creep back on. Ugh!

  4. @Linda - Glad to hear you've got a good plan for breaking the plateau!

    @Heather - I love that pic of Marilyn too!

    @Genie - Yeah, those are my words. :)