Monday, August 16, 2010

County Fair Fun!

One of my favorite things about summer is going to the local county fair. Going to the fair is a staple of my summer must-do's. When I discovered that Jerry had never been to a fair, I immediately made plans to go this weekend. So it was with an air of excitement (on my part) and an air of trepidation and reluctance (on his part) that we set off for the county fair yesterday.

The weather was overcast and alternately rainy/misty, but that didn't deter us. Nope! We're hardcore fair-goers! Besides, the weather kept the non-hardcore fair-goers home so we had fewer people to battle for prime viewing spots of pony exhibitions and sheep judging (both of which we attended).

I know it's hazy (camera ended up next to dethawing protein bars - yes, we brought our own food to the fair, although we didn't eat them - so the lens got fogged up), but this is Jerry at the fair entrance

We bravely meandered through the midway (or as Jerry called it, the "carnival") amidst the catcalls and coercing shouts of the carnies working their rigged games. Then we got to my favorite part of the fair: the animal barns!

We petted sheep, goats, and bunnies, and admired from a distance cows, horses, and pigs. It was clear Jerry hadn't grown up in the Midwest, as he found the pig barn smell highly offensive, and didn't appreciate my questions pertaining to grade school class field trips to pig farms.

Jerry making friends with a goat

The goats are my favorite animals

Ninja Sheep

I vetoed Jerry's suggestion of going into the "freak show" exhibit. I tried that at the fair last year and am still scarred from the experience.

Jerry and the 5-legged goat outside the Freak Show tent

We both wanted to ride a camel, since they were advertising camel rides, but unfortunately, the weather made that impossible. So we settled for petting them.

The first time Jerry saw a camel

I named him Fred

As I mentioned earlier, we watched a pony exhibition and the sheep judging. We discovered it's kind of like a bodybuilding show - they're judged on shape, size, fleece, structure, etc. One little sheep made her disgust at the whole process well-known, as she vocally protested the entire time she was in the ring (she placed 3/5).

And now onto the infamous fair food ... we tried fried Oreos, which were gross (unless, of course, you like chocolate, which I don't). Our lunch was rather boring: hamburger and crabcake sammich. I bought a piece of red velvet cake that was left over from 4-H judging (it was good! And only $0.25!), and Jerry had a corndog. And that was it! Apparently, mini donuts are only a Midwest thing, because there were no mini donuts to be found. Sad.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon! We only got rained on once, and had some new and exciting experiences. Jerry actually had a fun time (thank goodness he approaches most things with an open mind!), and he won me a little stuffed monkey at one of the rigged games too!


  1. Sounds like you had fun :) I dont like the freak shows either...they disturb me...i have always wanted to try a fried oreo...never did it..they sound pretty good though ;)

  2. Ohhh, I love fairs, especially the 4-H, fun, fun! The local fairs here always have rides! I am happy to hear and see that you and Jerry had such a good time :)

  3. The Freak Show (Sideshow) at Coney Island is the most amazing thing ever. If you're in NYC you MUST GO.