Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Lemonade

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

I made lemonade today, because my morning sure started off with plenty of lemons!

I had two alarms set on my phone so I could get up and do 45 min of morning cardio. Clearly I have have mad crazy turning-off-alarm skillz, because I somehow managed to turn off BOTH alarms ... and subsequently woke up an hour and a half later than planned. D'oh! Thank goodness the cardio is something I'm doing on my own and isn't absolutely necessary, like it when I'm in contest prep.

It was raining really hard this morning, so I suggested that Jerry let the dogs outside instead of me (I didn't want to ruin my cute hairdo). When he stepped outside, he frantically asked me if I knew that the sunroof on my (BRAND NEW) car was open. Uh, no, I didn't know. The entire interior of the car is now drenched, including parts of the roof (how water got into the roof, I have no idea). :-( I was really upset about this, especially since I just bought the car a month ago.

Isn't it cute? I love it!

While Jerry was outside putting towels in the car, Nikko, our 13-year old Brussels Griffon, peed on the good rug in the living room. Apparently, he couldn't hold it. This happens occasionally, but not. on. my. good. rug. I immediately put Nikko outside so he could finish up, and Jerry sprayed carpet cleaner on the rug (we should buy stock in that stuff).


All the way to work, water kept dripping out of the roof, so I had to hold a towel above my head to soak up the water before it dripped onto our clothes.

And when I got to work, I realized I'd run out of green tea and had to settle for white tea (which I despise) mixed with strawberry kiwi. The combination of the two flavors actually ended up tasting ok. Not my favorite, but it was drinkable.

My favorite green tea

So that was my morning ... sigh.

I decided I could either dwell on the events of the morning and wallow in self pity all day ... or I could take positive action.

I decided to take positive action. I made lemonade.

Doesn't this look yummy? And positive? And sunny?

I focused on the positive things: I made an appointment to bring my car into the dealership tomorrow to be professionally cleaned (I don't want to take any chance of mold growing inside it!), I tried a new flavor of tea, the cleaner took the pee out of the rug, and I feel rested from the extra sleep I got.

The rest of my day has gone well. I've been productive at work and felt wide awake. I'm glad I made the choice to think positively and focus on good things, instead of feeling miserable and upset all day.

Tomorrow will be a good day! I plan to get to bed early tonight so I get enough sleep (thus reducing the risk of turning my alarms off) and can do morning cardio, my car will be clean and dry again, and since I'll be heading to the grocery store after the gym tonight, I'll have green tea again. Or maybe I'll have some lemonade!


  1. You're a better person than me. When life hands me lemons, I grab the salt and tequila! Sorry you had such a bad morning:(

  2. That was one hell of a day!!! But just looking at it all in a different light, made it bearable and its over and everything turned out fine! I am learning everyday that bitching and complaining will get me nowhere...but being happy and positive makes life so much better :)