Monday, August 30, 2010

Need Some Motivation?

Think YOUR workouts are tough?

How would you like trying to do your workout with only 1 leg?

Amy Palmiero-Winters does just that. She lost her leg below the knee ... yet, she doesn't use that as an excuse NOT to be fit. In fact, she just completed a 100-mile race. Yes, that's right - a 100-mile race!

 Article on Amy in a recent fitness magazine

She refuses to let others set her limitations ... and is a true example of creating your own destiny.

I, for one, am not only impressed ... I'm inspired.

I challenge you to find your own inner motivation and to set your OWN limits ... and then push beyond them.


  1. She blew by me during a trail race 2 years ago. Kick ass.

  2. I read that article. Gave me chills. Just amazing.

  3. Awesome! Where there is a will there is a way. Love it!