Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010 Olympia Recap

The 2010 Olympia has come and gone ... and Jay Cutler is still Mr. Olympia!

Jerry and I discussed the show and results last night. I added a bit more commentary below the video.

Mr. Olympia

Crowd favorite, and Vegas hometown hero, Jay Cutler is once again Mr. Olympia. This is the 4th time he's held the title, and it was, in my opinion, his closest competition yet. Phil Heath gave Jay a run for his money this year, bringing in a much larger (by 15 lbs) and conditioned package than last year. It's very apparent he made some gains this year to fill out his frame. Phil has such a beautiful, flowing frame that holds muscle very well; unlike some of the other competitors, he doesn't look blocky when he adds muscle. Branch Warren slipped to third this year, but nonetheless looked even better than last year. He filled out his upper body to bring it more in line with his legs, making his physique flow better.

Mr. Olympia: Jay Cuter

Mr. Olympia Top 5:
  1. Jay Cutler
  2. Phil Heath
  3. Branch Warren
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Dennis Wolf
Men's 202 Showdown

This is the second year of the Men's 202 Showdown, and Kevin English hung onto his title this year. David Henry followed him to nab second place. Personally, I really like David Henry's frame better, but he just can't stand next to English without getting out-muscled by the 280 lb off-season English.

Men's 202 Showdown winner: Kevin English

202 Top 5:
  1. Kevin English
  2. David Henry
  3. Eduardo Correa
  4. Jose Raymond
  5. Jason Arntz


Sonia Gonzalez is the first ever Ms. Bikini Olympia! She brought a slightly more toned and muscular shape than she presented earlier this year, and was able to nab the number one spot. She beat out Nathalia Melo, who was widely favored for the win. Nicole Nagrani, 18, took home third, bringing her usual tight package to the stage. I had picked Amanda Latona to win, since she did so well at the Europa a couple weeks ago. While Amanda did well, she got edged out by the three mentioned above, along with crowd favorite and perennial bridesmaid, Jaime Baird. I would've liked to have seen Jess Paxson-Putnam place higher than 12th, but it was a stacked lineup, no doubt. Dina Al-Sabah (my #5 pick) placed a very respectable 10th.

Ms. Olympia Bikini: Sonia Gonzalez

Bikini Top 5:
  1. Sonia Gonzalez
  2. Nathalia Melo
  3. Nicole Nagrani
  4. Jaime Baird
  5. Amanda Latona

This was the only division where the current title holder didn't retain her title. Nicole Wilkins-Lee was edged out by the very hard and streamlined Erin Stern. Both ladies made some improvements this year: Erin streamlined her physique even more and looked very comfortable on stage, and Nicole added some major size to her shoulders, back, and legs, bringing a noticeably larger physique to the stage this year. She also appeared much harder than in previous contests. She looked good, of course, but Erin's package was enough to oust her from the top spot. As I predicted, Heather Mae French nabbed third. Kristal Richardson and Felicia Romero surprised me by placing 4th and 5th, respectively. They both brought in very conditioned and streamlined physiques as well.

Ms. Figure Olympia: Erin Stern
 Figure Top 5:
  1. Erin Stern
  2. Nicole Wilkins-Lee
  3. Heather Mae French
  4. Kristal Richardson
  5. Felicia Romero

Adela Garcia once again proved she's the top dog in Fitness. She brought a very hard, very conditioned package and a high energy routine to the stage. Tanji Johnson unanimously nabbed 2nd with a new, unique routine based on Stomp!. I love her routines; they're always very creative, very energetic, and include strength, flexibility, and tumbling. I was cheering for her to take top honors, but Adela never brings less than her best. As I predicted, Trish Warren took third. I loved 4th place winner, Myriam Capes' routine. She performed to the "Roxie" song from the musical "Chicago." She used a folding chair for a prop and did some very unique strength moves and holds on it. My favorite routine was by Oksana Grishina. She performed to Evanescence, and perform indeed! Her routine flowed and looked more like a dance instead of pieced-together segueways between strength or required moves. It was powerful and moving.

Ms. Fitness Olympia: Adela Garcia

Fitness Top 5:
  1. Adela Garcia
  2. Tanji Johnson
  3. Trish Warren
  4. Myriam Capes
  5. Oksana Grishina
Female Bodybuilding

Unsurprisingly, top honors went again to Iris Kyle, the reigning Ms. Olympia. She faced tough competition from Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, though, and some may argue that Yaxeni beat her from the front and the side. When Iris turned around, though, there was no question she was the clear winner.

Ms. Olympia: Iris Kyle

FBB Top 5:
  1. Iris Kyle
  2. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
  3. Debi Laszewski
  4. Sheila Bleck
  5. Dayana Cadeau
Thanks to bodybuilding.com for live contest coverage and the webcast (although we couldn't get it to work on Sat. night. VERY frustrating!). Next year, I hope to be in the audience to see the action in person!
    To see the actual scorecards, visit M3World.


    1. I couldn't get it to play either on saturday...until i tried my phone...and the feed was actually working on my iphone! So i watched it on there!

    2. i feel like Sonia Gonzalez is a little too muscular for bikini? she looks alot like the figure girls, or is that just how amature nz body building is lol

    3. There's definitely some dispute about Sonia being the ideal physique, because she does carry so much muscle.

    4. Great run down...thanks for that!