Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Expensive Workout Clothes are Worth It!

I'm a well-known cheapskate when it comes to, well, most everything. I'm all about bargains, discounts, sales, and my favorite retail word: Clearance. If it's not on sale, I won't look at it. When I enter a store, I immediately head to the back, where the Sale and Clearance racks normally are. Some of my favorite stores are Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Filene's Basement, and Ross. Yep, I'm not too proud to admit that I shop for designer clothes at discount stores!

Over the years, I've built up quite an extensive collection of cheap tank tops and workout shorts. Since "wife beater" style tanks are so cheap, I've accumulated quite a few of them, and they're my main staple of workout attire. Those and cheerleading shorts, of course. It's a good day at the gym if my shorts and tank don't completely clash.

Cheap, comfy, and left over from my days of being a Cheerleading Instructor

Don't get me wrong - I love quality clothing ... I just can't afford it. And the non-matching thing? Well, that's just sheer laziness. It's not that I've never tried to find cute workout clothes, cuz I have! I just can't justify spending $40 on one tank top.

Just can't justify spending $40 on a tank top that's cute, but not designed for figure girls

Thus far, I've had very few complaints about my workout attire (that's not to say I haven't received some odd looks, but that's another story). However, lately Jerry has been gently suggesting that I might like to get some new workout clothes. Oh ok, I'll get another $3 wife beater. This time in lime green! (maybe that's why it's $3)

"No," he clarified, "That's not what I meant ..." and then added that some of the ladies at the gym are sporting some very cute (very flattering) tank tops and capri pants. "Maybe you could ask them where they bought them."

Point taken. So I talked to the ladies at the gym. Their clothes are from Lululemon. Upon further research, I discovered that most of the women in the magazines wear Lululemon or Better Bodies for the photo shoots. Upon even further research, I discovered that both those brands are VERY expensive!

Cute, right? But are they $98 cute??

Since I have better things to spend my $98 on (e.g. electric bill), I resigned myself to being THAT girl in the gym. Yeah, the one who wears $7 shorts and $3 tanks that completely clash.

Until ...

I went to the Maryland Bodybuilding show a couple weeks ago, and saw the GASP/Better Bodies sale rack ... And decided to just bite the bullet and buy some of those cute (albeit slightly cheaper cuz they were on sale) clothes.

Luckily, the nice sales man accepted credit cards, and I walked away with a couple tank tops and the world's cutest pair of hot pants (which I swear I'll fit into in a couple weeks!).

I'm gonna go ahead and say that these clothes are the most comfortable, well-fitting, flattering clothes I own. They show off my physique and make me look all streamlined instead of boxy. And the best part? The tanks don't pinch or dig into my lats! I'm hooked! So last weekend when we went the Delaware show, I couldn't resist buying a couple more tank tops.
 How cute is this?! And oh so comfy!

So yeah ... more expensive workout clothes are totally worth it! I've seen the light, and will be keeping my eye on the Better Bodies sale items online, cuz I want more tank tops!


  1. I totally agree! Expensive lycra not only fits great but lasts forever too. I'm all about feeling sexy in the gym ;-)...Theres a Lululemon in the (brisbane) city that everyone is raving about, i'm yet to check it out! (might have to save up too lol)

  2. For me, I'll spend the money only on the stuff that I really need-like keeping the girls in place-THAT is important..LOL! I pent $45US on an underarmour support top-and that was definitely worth it.

  3. I rock beaters too, but I hear ya on cutting into your lats! Competing costs enough, I don't have much left over for cute workout clothes. I've found that Target has some pretty cute things at a reasonable price too:)

  4. Unfortunately, Under Armour, Nike, & Addidas are all cut for the average woman, who doesn't have lats. My lats are tiny compared to what they need to be for Figure, but the tanks still cut into my sides even when I'm lean. I need like 2 sizes bigger in order for them to fit, and at that point, I'm just depressed bout the larger size. LOL

    1. Christine TreacyMay 9, 2012 at 4:50 PM

      Just came across your blog, Kari, and I love it! I am a cheapskate when it comes to pretty much anything too. I have found lots of "in between" workout clothes at stores like Nordstrom Rack, Target, and Old Navy that are cute, comfy, flattering and don't break the bank. I got two pairs of tight capris (what I wear everyday to the gym) on clearance at Old Navy for like $5 each!!! They are my favorite pairs now! Maybe I'll branch out and spend a little more some day but right now is just not that time :) Thanks for the great blog!

  5. Lulu is totally worth the dough. They hem them for you, some styles are reversible (making them really only $49, sorta) and they last forever.

    Come to the dark side.

    PS, they also do amazing things for your ass. Truly.

  6. Im probably worse than you when it comes to what i wear to the gym. I cant get over spending so much for a pair of pants or a day, if i have money i would love to try it, but i will stick with my cheap ass tanks and sweats for now :)

  7. I completely second your "more expensive workout clothes are worth it"! Does that mean all my workout clothes are expensive? Nope, but some of them are. I played varsity sports in high school and we always just lifted in our "uniform" - spandex and a Tee for vball, shorts and a tee for soccer, and our leos with shorts over them for gymnastics, so that's what I was used to even for years after HS. Funny you say Jerry nudged you to get some nicer workout clothes b/c my boyfriend did the exact same thing a few years ago, very gently of course =] I went to Macy's and found their Hardtail section and bought two pairs of workout pants ... one capri length and the other pants, and I've had them for over two years and my capris JUST ended up with their first tiny hole in the crotch area, which I'm sure I'll sew up and continue to wear! HAH! But they're absolutely the MOST comfortable, durable, "sexy" workout clothes I own. Most normal "spandex-y" workout pants have too big of a waist for the butt/legs... if I can get my glutes, quads, and hams in the pants, it's probably not tight around the waist. Just another area where clothes really aren't made for figure girls. Too bad clothes are made mostly for the "norm" ... we need to start up our own figure clothing line. Kari are you up for it? We'll have workout clothes, regular clothes, JEANS THAT ACTUALLY FIT =], tops that show off our delts but don't make us look like squares!!! And maybe just to humor this post, I might stop by my local Macy's and check out the hardtail sale rack, or even take your advice and look at the Better Bodies sale items online too.

    Thanks for always rocking your posts chica!

  8. I LOVE dressing up for the gym! Its not hard to find affordable cute workout clothes online, if you take some time to search. I have been shopping at this hole in the wall store... Its very motivating to get compliments from other people at the gym.

  9. omg lululemon is the best onlt if i could afford it

  10. Just found this post, since I have been having a lot of trouble fitting into my old "normal" girl clothes after a year of physique building. My lats are popping out of my tops. My butt is so high and lifted that it's pulling up my shorts in the back. Yikes - sure the guys don't mind. My quads are growing, which is causing my shorts/pants to bunch in the front. I'll be checking out these new clothes/sites.

    Thanks, Electra! Girl, you always look great - see you around the IL shows. :)

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