Monday, September 27, 2010

I Heart Protein Bars

Since every body is different, everyone responds to foods differently. Some people need carbs in their diet, while others (ME!) retain water and feel (and look) bloated from carbs. Some people eat fruit, some eat protein bars, others eat whole eggs while others only eat egg whites. Different foods work for different people.

One of my greatest dieting sorrows is that protein bars are not included in my diet.

A "healthy" brownie?

I heart protein bars. I really do. They're like candy bars ... except they're supposedly "healthier" ... which, in my mind, makes them ok to eat. (I'm really not gonna get into a discussion about their supposed nutritional "value" ... or lack thereof.)

A few of my favorite things ...

But my body hates them. I don't digest them well, and they make me retain water like a blimp. So the only times I eat them are on Treat Days or when I'm not following a strict diet.

Not eating protein bars wouldn't be an issue ... except I keep trying to justify eating them:
  • I should be able to eat them because they have protein in them.
  • Really, they're not true candy bars. (They just taste like it!)
  • They're healthier than the Twix I gravitate toward every week. (Mmmm ... Twix ...)
  • J can eat them and he doesn't suffer any ill effects. (SO not fair.)

Those excuses aren't gonna fly.

In order for me to reach my goals of getting leaner, I need to avoid my oh-so-tasty protein bars. Just gimme a minute to mourn.


  1. Hi Kari! Have you tried the Quest Bars? You might do okay with those. Check them out: They have a different sweetener and they're pretty tasty. I like the Vanilla Almond Crunch better than the peanut butter but they're both good.

  2. I hear you there! I LOVE Supreme Protein bars, so yummy. Can't wait to have them again! I do bloat and get a lot of gas if I have more than one a day though. =(

  3. You are such a great writer, Kari! I heart protein bars too but like you, I don't respond well to them. #sadface

  4. We should start a club! I heart them too but CANNOT have them. It makes me so sad too. My husband eats them all the time, he has the metabolism of a cheetah.

  5. Erin - Never heard of Quest, but I looked them up, and I'm SO gonna try them for my next Treat meal! Thx for the suggestion! Still not gonna work in the diet, but definitely cool for a treat.

    Lisa - Supreme Protein bars are my 2nd fav (behind Labrada). Y.U.M.

  6. I used to love Supreme Protein bars and Pure Protein bars! Supreme REALLY don't agree with me and most others are the same.