Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Ode to Endorush

Dear BSN Endorush,

Oh, Endorush. You know I love you. You know how much I adore you and appreciate the time we spend together. So why, oh why do you have to go and get reformulated? I thought you were perfect just the way you were!

I'm now at a loss for a comparable substitute until you're available again. And believe me when I say this ... nothing, and I mean nothing compares to you.

Honest, I wasn't cheating on you when I had Monster No-Carb. It had been sitting in the fridge for a couple weeks ... and trust me, it totally didn't compare to you.

Yesterday I tried VPX Redline Princess. While it sort of kept me awake in the afternoon, it by no means packed the energy punch you pack in just one sip. And I drank the whole bottle in just one day, whereas you last for at least two days.

Today I'm going to try ABB Speed Stack. I've already prepared myself to be disappointed, but I'm going to try it nonetheless.

 Please remember I'm not trying to be unfaithful. I feel lost without you, and am completely aware that these other drinks in no way compare to you. I promise we'll spend lots of quality time together once you're reformulated and available on



  1. Grrr I hate when that happens! When my faves get discontinued or reformulated I wanna beat up the company's management.

  2. lol...loved this post! I was so lost when cocoa cola quit making vanilla coke!

  3. I miss Endorush too! I wondered what had happened to it, so thanks for filling me in! Any idea when it will be back?

  4. your so funny girl. i have not had an endo rush in YEARS, i used to only be able to drink 1/4 of one before I had a heart attack. I may need to cycle this in my pre workout drinks this week! i'm a usp labs jacked girl-no matter how DISGUSTING it may be!

  5. A safety note for Endorush: It contains FOUR (4) servings in ONE bottle. Drink with caution! :)

    And yes, Jack3d is da bomb! Love it for a pre-workout stim!